Family vs. Facebook

I often wonder what is the purpose of facebook?

To keep in touch with long lost friends and family? To share pieces of your life with everyone you can? To express the thoughts you are too afraid to say to someone’s face?


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I have reached a dilemma with my facebook use. Family members that post crazy shit. I mean really crazy shit. What do you do with it? I have come up with a few options:

1. The passive aggressive hide their feed option. You no longer see the offensive posts, but can still pretend like you are best of friends.

2. The let them walk over you like a rug option. Where you ignore the personal attack they just made at you as if you never saw it. Oh I haven’t checked my facebook in days, I was too busy reading fifty shades of grey.

3. The wait until the next family holiday to fight option. Spend the next few months building up anger and resentment so you can have a drag out fight over turkey and sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. If possible get the family to takes sides now, it will make for a better fight.

4. The online attack option. Quickly without thinking say things you will regret online for the world to see. Carpe Diem!

5. The unfriend option. This one is tricky as you will have to see them again, after all they are family. Make sure to come up with a list of excuses on hand as to why the computer is broken and won’t let you be friends with them. My suggestion, blame it on the aliens.

My dad is cooler than yours

Growing up my dad always kept lots of pictures of our family everywhere. But in his bathroom he would hang up pictures of my mom in her swimsuit. A little odd, but as I kid I just ignored it. Flash forward to senior year of high school. A young girl anxiously awaiting her college letters racing home every afternoon to check the mail.

And that is where is all goes wrong.

In the mail on that sunny afternoon was not a college letter, but photos that had been sent off to be developed. (That should had told me everything) I open the photos all excited because who doesn’t love photos? And what do I find? Nude photos of my mom. It was too late to pretend I had not seen them because I could not re-close the plastic packaging they came in. When my mother came home it led to quite the awkward conversation.

Was this the most awkward moment I have had with my dad and his love for photos? No. Because now my dad is remarried. To the most amazing woman. He could not have picked a better spouse. But when I walked into his house and saw a completely covered but obviously no clothes pic of her I began reliving the moment all over again.

Good thing he put the pic of facebook.

Yes my dad is living the life you wish you were.


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