Take me to your leader

I have often wondered where my obsession with aliens comes from. After much thought and deliberation it must come from my father. If you missed it here is a blog I wrote about my dad- promise it is a must read

My whole life he has been filling my mind with Star Trek, X- files, and all books with aliens in them.

One episode of X-files had me so freaked out I was checking every ceiling corner of every room I entered for giant bat men for months.

The best alien moments my dad has provided me with

5. Teaching me all the different aliens in Star Trek

4. Getting my sister to convince me she was an alien. Yes I believed her. No I was not that young.

3. Spending friday nights with me watching X-files instead of letting me getting into typical teenage trouble.

2. Telling the nurse as she gave me a shot to slow early labor down, that she was giving me a shot because it was an alien baby and that is what you do to alien babies.

1. Yes he really said that to the nurse, so it totally deserves two places on the list.