You are not alone

Living in the south there is never a shortage of conservative republicans. All one needs to do is open your eyes. So, it came to quite a surprise when I found a liberal at my school. We met over my computer, having simple chat about the new education legislation. Oh sure, we had met before, but never realized we were of the same thread. It was a beautiful moment. Here is the abbreviated conversation.

Him- “Do you still keep up with the public school politics?”

Me- “Oh of course I do, they closed my old school, what are these people thinking?”

Him- “We argue a lot about it back in my department, I lose everyday”

Me- “Oh my gosh me too!”

Him- “Why are we not eating lunch together?”

Me- “Oh My God I don’t know?”

Him- “If only I had known, we could have been hanging out all this time”

Me- “Where can we sneak away to each lunch next year?”

Him- “There is no where to hide.”

Me- “Wait, I have a cool friend coming here next year, we can hide in his room because he is new and no one will look for us there”

It was better than Christmas. And I love Christmas.