All in the name of a good time

That awkward moment when you realize you work in the lame department at work.

I came to find out that the middle school teachers at my school are the cool kids I wish I was hanging out with.

They go out on friday nights,  they play practical jokes on each other all the time, and have stories that start with “we were out drinking.”

I know I give off the coolest kid in school vibe, but alas, I am not. Sure being the token lesbian gets me a base cool factor, but it is not enough to overcome the fact that I was a token white kid in the asian video game club. No I was not nerdy enough to play the games, just a groupie to the gamers. Even went to nerd  college. Although, I did have some good times in college.

It was raining and I decided what would be a good idea would be to get the fraternity brothers to have a mud fight in the rain in the big muddy pit left from the road construction. Which was much a better idea than the time I decided to mud wrestle someone in the YMCA parking lot, while I was on the clock and still in my lifeguard uniform, in high school.  Once the epic fight was over we decided to run to the fountains in the quad to rinse off the mud. As we run through campus we passed a bunch of freshman going to orientation, who preceded to tell us what diseases we would get from running barefoot in the rain. I yelled back “this is the most fun you will see anyone having here during your five years here.” And we then used dish soap to wash all the mud off.

Even nerds can get crazy sometimes.


Words to live by

I went to Georgia Tech and majored in history. Why go to an engineering school and major in history? Because I walk the line.  One of my favorite professors was Dr. Flamming. I took every class he offered. From time to time he would give us “life tips” and tell us to write them down.  Being the rule follower I am, I wrote them all down.

Dr. Flamming’s words to live by:

1. When you are assigned something to read and did not read it and are asked what you thought about it. Always say “It was an interesting argument not without its problems.”

2. Advice to a student in class who was expecting twins “Go to the bathroom and sleep as much as possible.”

3. Don’t come to class late and if you do always say you fell asleep at the library.

4. Push the voting button as  hard as possible

5. Don’t go to Missouri. Ever.

6. Go over your notes before a presentation, even if it makes you late.

7. Follow your beautiful molecule. Translation- if you do something you love you will be successful.

8. Write notes on one side of the paper only or go up in flames.

9. Dig up maps for research papers. Historians will eat them up.

10. How to gut a book- Look at the date of publication, table of contents, read the first couple paragraphs of every chapter, read the first sentence of every paragraph, and read the last two paragraphs of each chapter.

11. The best smell in the world is the first copy of your book.

12. The most important decision in life is not your career, but your spouse.

Missing the nerds in your life?

Each evening I watch The Big Bang Theory. Ok not every night.

There are many various reasons that people love this show. I love it because it reminds me of college. I went to Georgia Tech. If someone tries to tell you that Georgia Tech is not a nerd school, don’t believe them. While most schools have parties on friday and saturday nights, at Georgia Tech students study on friday and saturday night. Although, one time, I did see a guy having a pretend light saber battle with an imaginary friend on a friday night. He was having a wild party up in that head.


70 % of the school is male. Men studying engineering. Not surprisingly, women often came to Tech to get their MRS. degree.     (AKA find a husband) I would say to those girls, sure the odds are good, but the goods are odd. Maybe you like them odd. In which case, you go girl.

Growing up everyone would tell me stories about how college was the best time of their life. I was determined not to be one of those people. Now that I have grown up myself, I see exactly what they mean. College was such a wonderful time. A time of growth, freedom, coming of age, and doing things you will regret in the morning. How can I not look back fondly on those days?

College I miss you, but not enough to be hungover. I think I will just watch The Big Bang Theory and pretend I am there.



Angry Chinese food.

I stumbled across a website I used to read when I was in college Text from last night. It is where people anonymously put texts they have recieved from other people. It is disgusting, crude, and far too funny to turn away. Basically drunken youth acting like idiots because they can. The older I get the less funny it gets. I imagine at some point I will no longer find it funny at all. Which will be the even more official I am a grown up sign posted on my forehead. I mean I already spend all day telling teenagers to stop touching and turn down their loud music. How much more grown up can I get?

Which made me think of a time my friends locked themselves out of their room after they ordered chinese food in college. They totally forgot they had ordered the food and had left their phone in their room. Oh but the food  was delivered. The Delivery guy kept calling and calling expecting them to pick up and pay for their food. They saved the messages and posted them online. Not only was the delivery guy pissed but  he was gonna get revenge! Angry Chinese Delivery

Which is why I always get take out.

Math Rocks my face off

I love watching The Big Bang Theory. It reminds me of being in school at Georgia Tech. Oh the memories. Being the only girl in the room, and boys talking for hours about obscure math and science theory. I loved college. No seriously. Nerdy boys make the best friends. They get written off as weird and creepy, but it just so isn’t true. Oh there are the ones that will dress up like star wars and pretend to battle with imaginary people, but we don’t count them. Even they get outcast from the nerd world.

Its like the kid at my job that came up to a co worker and was like .99 repeating, what are your thoughts? I would have been my thoughts of it as what a sexy curvy number? But of course he knew the kid was referring to the fact that 1/3 is .33 repeating and 2/3 is .66 repeating. When you add the fractions together you get 1. When you add .33 and .66 you get .999 repeating. So is .999 the same thing as 1?

Now you are probably thinking why am I still reading this. so much math. run away. run away. But math rocks my face off. I even have the t shirt to prove it. Of which I cannot wear to work because my boss thinks its dirty. Really? Only in the south would saying math rocks be deemed dirty. Face Palm.