So you want me to clean up do you?

Signs your child may  grow up to be on the OCD side of life:

1. Scene- Dinner. Drinking milk. A single drop lands on their shirt.  “ow ow ow, it hurts!!” Magically the pain goes away when you wipe up the milk.

2. Scene- Outside. Playing. Dirt gets on their hand. They throw their hands up and run to the door shouting nasty, nasty!

3. Scene- Their room. Getting dressed. Each outfit must be painstakingly matched, including socks, shoes, underwear, and hair bows. Yes my child can coordinate better than I can.

4. Scene- Living Room. Playing Castle. The child notices a piece of hair on the floor, picks it up gives you a look of disdain saying that’s gross and proceeds to throw it away.

5. Scene- Outside. Anything that could potentially be a bug. Your child points at the bug and yells don’t touch that. Bugs bite.