You want me to go where?!!

I used to have a class on the first floor. My professor decided the room is too small, so he moved us to the fourth floor. The problem with that is that the building is a few buildings put together, so you cannnot simply go up the stairs to the fourth floor not all stairs lead to the fourth floor. Just like Hogwarts.

Here are the directions I was given:

Go in the entrance on the quad, then go up the first set of stairs to the second floor. Follow the hall until you see a coke machine. Then turn there and go up those stairs to the fourth floor.

Sounds simply ish.


I get to the building, walk up the first set of stairs two flights. All the while carrying an epic backpack as I have class for 8 hours a day. Then I walk down the hall. It never ends. I see a staircase and I am tempted to go up, but I have yet to see this magic coke machine, so I press on. The hallway turns left, then turns right, and turns again. Then I go through some doors. The hallway continues. More doors. And I see it the coke machine. And down the little coke hallway is a tiny set of stairs. Super sketchy. So I go up the stairs two more flights. I make it to the forth floor.

What is on the fourth floor of this crazy hogwarts building with staircases that  go nowhere? Physics department. I had stepped into the big bang department. No wonder it was impossible to find.

One would think that it was all safe. I had made it. One problem remained. I had to go to the restroom. The hallways spread out like fingers on a hand on the fourth floor. I picked one, no restroom. I picked another one, no restroom. Now I was lost.

Why? Magical building, Why?