Angry Chinese food.

I stumbled across a website I used to read when I was in college Text from last night. It is where people anonymously put texts they have recieved from other people. It is disgusting, crude, and far too funny to turn away. Basically drunken youth acting like idiots because they can. The older I get the less funny it gets. I imagine at some point I will no longer find it funny at all. Which will be the even more official I am a grown up sign posted on my forehead. I mean I already spend all day telling teenagers to stop touching and turn down their loud music. How much more grown up can I get?

Which made me think of a time my friends locked themselves out of their room after they ordered chinese food in college. They totally forgot they had ordered the food and had left their phone in their room. Oh but the food  was delivered. The Delivery guy kept calling and calling expecting them to pick up and pay for their food. They saved the messages and posted them online. Not only was the delivery guy pissed but  he was gonna get revenge! Angry Chinese Delivery

Which is why I always get take out.