When you only have time for the cheap and easy ones

I love to make candy. When I am in a tight spot I kind of cheat. My students can’t tell that I cheated and they think I am amazing because I made them candy.

Here is how to make super fast and easy candy to impress those in your life that need a little extra lovin’.

Step One:

Go to your local craft store. If you are going to say already that you don’t have time to go to the craft store, then your life is sad. The craft store is a magical place that always smells like christmas and has sparkly things. Everyone has time to go.

Step Two:

Purchase a candy mold. I have many different molds. Flowers, hearts, little thank you bars, and smiley faces. I used the smiley faces this weekend.

Step Three:

Choose on of the many flavors of their candy melts. I happen to love the vanilla and it comes in every color. But for today I did chocolate mint.

Are my photo skills blowing your mind yet?

Step Four:

Pour the candy melts into a bowl and put them in the microwave. Heat for 30 seconds at a time. After 30 seconds stir and repeat until fully melted. That means all liquidy and not hard. Is liquidy a word?

*Note this is not melted yet*

Step Five:

Scoop into your mold. My mold this time was for lollipops, so I also added lollipop sticks. Well my daughter added them. Don’t worry I threw away the ones she chewed on.

Are you drooling yet? No, me neither I don’t like chocolate. That’s why I make it and give it away.

Step Six:

Pop them in the freezer for a few minutes. Once they harden enjoy!


Look he is smiling at you. Maybe he wants to be friends. Until you eat him. Then he will be pissed. Or dead. But was he really alive to begin with? Damn lollipop, you have me questioning life and death. Just shut up and look pretty until I eat you.


Oh it is so on.

Has anyone tasted to new dum dum suckers lately?

They are not the wonderful suckers I once loved as a child.


They have all new flavors. Carmel, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Creme, Strawberry Watermelon, Blueberry, mango. And I can assure you they are awful. They have very little flavor and after a few moments they taste burnt.

What has become of my beloved treat?

The only logical explanation of course is aliens. Aliens have taken over american candy are slowly subduing us into a stupor. They are stealing all the good candy for themselves and leaving us with crap. Why? WHY?

Isn’t is obvious? They are super pissed that we won the planet of the year in last years Miss Planet Universe Pageant.

Be warned aliens I am onto you. Sure I let you into our movies and tv shows, but I draw the line at candy. And I fight dirty. So watch you back.