What if wordpress did not exist?

What if …


The world revolved around love

and compassion

instead of greed and power?


The world started caring more about

each other and others well being

then their  own needs.


It was more common to see someone doing a

random act of kindness

on the news then an act of hate?


Politics was about intellectual

debate and respect with the

idea of the common good over the individual


Movies that were made about books were actually

as good as the books?


You had never read my blog?


One can lists what ifs all day long, but at the end of the day, there is nothing we can do to change the past. It is up to us to change the future and take away our the opportunity for future what ifs to pop up.



Good Reads

A friend asked me where my blog roll was as to help her find some good blogs to start following. This reminded me I had not updated my blog roll in oh about nine months. And here on wordpress, there is a good potential for half your blog roll to stop posting in that time, so it was due for an update.

I posted last month for people to ask me to check out their blogs, I am still doing that, and so have not added any of those cool blogs to my blog roll yet, but will the next update.

I keep my blog roll on the page called good reads at the top of my homepage. I hope you enjoy reading these blogs because I sure as hell do.

Here are some amazing blogs. In no particular order ūüôā

0. Not the hardest part (formerly known as the waiting) 

1. Becoming Cliche 

2. Publikworks

3. Mommy Man

4. The Solipsistic Me

5. A Buddhist in the Red Belt

6. Zendicitve

7. Ashley, etc

8. Snide Reply

9. Maximum Wage

10. Dirt N Kids

11. The Lutheran Church of Australia: In my opinion

12. Daddy Ranman

13. Raising my Rainbow

14.¬†In Case I’m Gone

15. Sweet Mother

16. Ferociously Fallen

17. Sweating for it

18. A rich full life in spite of it

19. Canadica!

20. A Clown on Fire 

Favorite Posts From This Year #2

Now this post, was my very first freshly pressed post. Later I will post my even more popular second freshly pressed post. I hope you enjoy it as much as wordpress did.

Let’s Be Friends… Wait Nevermind

Why I will never be popular.

1. I am too sarcastic. Sure certain men enjoy a sarcastic woman. The same kind of man that gets turned on by a girl being mean as hell to them. You know who you are. But everyone else, they find it funny if they understand it. Don’t under any circumstances be sarcastic with someone who is stupid. They get super angry and bitter.

2. I am confrontational. If someone hurts my feelings, or says something that is simply hateful I just can’t not say anything. Yes I am that person that says what everyone is thinking but won’t say it. Especially in those awful work meetings. Yes I have made presenters cry. She had it coming.

3. I am too blunt. This goes hand in hand with number two. I simply do not understand why people are not simply honest all of the time. What is the point of lying, and making things up? I will never understand why someone would ever lie about anything ever.

4. I am an introvert. Now introverts are largely misunderstood group of people. It does not mean I do not enjoy the company of others, it simply means social occasions drain me emotionally and physically. I can only handle so much before I hit empty and need to recharge.

5. My awesomeness. I am so awesome it is threatening to many people. My awesomeness fills up a room. How do I know I am that awesome? Ask around. Everyone says so.

My First Blogiversary

I  have officially been blogging for a year!

I cannot believe that I am just as excited about it now as I was when I started. I have over 72,000 views, 258 posts, and 1, 395 followers. I even was graced with being freshly pressed twice! It still amazes me that anyone would want to read my silly thoughts on life.

I want to say thank you to all of my followers, especially those that have been with me since the very first month. Many of you I feel like I actually know you in the real world and not just cyber space. You have been so kind an encouraging. It gives me hope that the world can find its way back to a kinder more caring place one day. But who I am kidding that is probably never going to happen.

So many things can happen in a year. The bloggess started following me on twitter. Another hurricane hit. My daughter turned 2. My sister had a baby. Obama became the first president to acknowledge that I deserve full rights as an American. Miley Cyrus time travelled back to 1990. The 82 year old lady next door’s boyfriend said sexual things to her in front of me. How can this year even be topped?

Next year I plan to follow through with my goal of drinking black hipster coffee every morning. I am going to get in shape so I look like Kate Hudson in the season premier of Glee. My mother will visit for two full weeks and maybe even see me more than once. I will continue my search for a new city and perhaps even find one. I will start doing yoga again. But mostly, I will keep talking with y’all.

Peace and Love,


free printable thank you notes from http://www.junelily.com

A Bloggers Kryptonite…. Writers Block

Writers Block. The bloggers kryptonite.

Nothing is more frustrating than a completely blank mind, or even worse one filled with weak ideas that cannot seem to come to life.

In case you ever get stuck with the block, I have listed my favorite go to blog ideas:

1. Recipes- Everyone loves a good recipe. Especially with pictures. Pictures of the food, not you.

2. Reviews- books, movies, tv, and more. I don’t do the books due to I only read rated R books, and some youngsters read this blog.

3. Work Stories- Everyone loves a great story they can relate to about how much work sucks. Unless your job is awesome, don’t rub that in my face. I may have to fight you.

4. Travel- Have you been someplace cool. Great! Tell me all about it. Wait, not that trip, you told me that story ten times already.

5. Silly kid stories- If you are going to talk about your kids walk the line. The line of funny, not overbearing mommy blog. Funny kid sayings=ok, My child speaks chinese, french, and spanish and she is one= not ok.

6. Christmas- The best holiday ever. So, you can write about it year round.

7. Letters- Getting to read someone’s private letter is like sneaking into your sister’s diary and finding out she had sex.


Now, go forth and write!


It’s award season !

Well folks the universe has decided once again that I am in fact versatile!

I have been given the Versatile Blogger award again!!!

Thanks to Searching for the Light for this nomination! I would like to thank my family, my friends, and ¬†my fans! I couldn’t have done it without you.

The rules of being nominated are that you must list 15 blogs you want to nominate and 7 things about yourself the blog community doesn’t know. So here it goes.

I am going to nominate different blogs than I did last time: Click here to see the list I nominated last time. I know I am supposed to do 15, but I just can’t follow the rules.

1. The Solipsistic Me

2. Publikworks

3. The twenty Something waitress

4. Maximum Wage

5. Zendictive

But here is the best part. Seven new and exciting facts about me!

1. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. I have seen it in the theatre, IMAX, broadway, and soon 3D.

2. I am a state champion gymnast.

3. I am a daddy’s girl

4. I do math far better than I will ever write. Or so my english teachers told me.

5. If I was rich I would have a house full of kids.

6. I am granola eating, yoga doing, liberal hippy and damn proud of it!

7. I try to live a more organic chemical free life everyday.

My super amazing fantastic top ten of 2011 list!

Many people look back on their year as New Years approaches. I have decided to look back at my blogs. It was difficult to pick only ten because damn I am a fantastic blogger. Well maybe. But mostly it was fun to go back and reread my thoughts. I thouroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do to!

Happy New Years!! Enjoy my top ten favorite blogs I wrote in 2011 (in no particular order)

1. Fall… Well maybe

“this fall will go down in the books. We even had a cool breeze all week.”

2. The Good Soda

“I didn’t walk at graduation, I ran. As far as I could.”

3. Shopping via email

“I just love an overly helpful salesperson.”

4. Vote or Die

“Every Four years something bad happens. It is so bad it frightens me to speak its name. Political season”

5. Ninja Babies

“One of the best parts of being a parent is the unsolicited advice from people. No really.”

6. Does my ego look good in these pants?

“Have you ever met someone that knows everything there is to know. Not only that but they are never wrong. Ever. yeah I know you have. Hopefully you aren’t married to them.”

7. I‘ll take my coffee black¬†

“Making outlandish goals I will not achieve leaving me to feel crappy. Gee, that sounds fun. No thanks.”

8. Not me again, seriously.. Damn it

”¬†No matter how many times I am reminded that no most people do not think like I do, I forget and think I am totally normal. But damn it I feel normal !”

9. Vampire Babies 

“I often wonder if maybe she is really an alien baby as my dad has been suggesting all along.”

10. Block Party 

“I like hearing the sounds of kids playing in their back yards. The smells of hamburgers grilling on a warm afternoon. Watching the hot air balloons float across the morning sky every August.¬†One problem. My crazy neighbors:”

Do kids ever actually sleep?

In beyond super exciting news, an awesome blog The Lutheran Church of Australia: In my opinion has used a portion of one of my blog Everyone has their reasons as an intro to a super sweet blog on secrets check it out! Bloggers are awesome!

Now to my blog o’ the day-

Every night we put our daughter to bed at seven. She then proceeds to talk to herself for about a half an hour until she goes to sleep. I often wonder what can a 1 1/2 year old have to talk about for that long every night in a pitch black room?

Here are some of my theories:

1. Ghost- The obvious reason is a ghost comes out every night and sits and talks with her every night. This is very plausable since a little boy was kidnapped and held in this house about 20 years ago. (thankfully they didn’t kill him in the house)

2. She is sleep talking- She often talks in her sleep as well as sings, so maybe she is already asleep and just talking in her dreams.

3. Ordering her toys around- All she does all day long is tell her dolls/animals what to do. So maybe they need a 30 min instruction period before sleep everyone. She runs a tight ship.

4. Edward Cullen- Edward Cullen could be visiting her every night. This is Louisiana home of the many vampire legends.

Anyone else have an over talkative kid and have any theories??


Everyone has their reasons

I often wonder why other people blog. What brought them to that very first blog, and what they felt when they clicked publish for the first time. I myself blog for various reasons. In my “real” life I am a teacher in a religious school in a conservative city in a republican state. This leads to a lot of me not being able to discuss my opinions, thoughts, or feelings on a daily basis. Sure I could discuss them, I just might lose my jobs, family and friends. Do I want friends I can’t talk to or a job I have to be super careful in that is another discussion for another day. For many years I just kept my thoughts and feelings bottled up. As many of us are trained to do from a young age. But as I became a parent I find it harder and harder to do so. I don’t want my daughter ever afraid to be who she is and say what she means. If I am not setting that example then how will she learn to do it? Secondly I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep anymore. I had so many thoughts bouncing around in my head that I could not quiet them to sleep. So I decided to start writing out my thoughts. And it has changed my life. Just the simple act of writing out my thoughts on something as silly as something I heard that day and sending it out into the universe ¬†is an amazing release. It is as though I am packaging little pieces of my soul and sending them out to share with the world. I know not everything I write will be loved by everyone, but no matter who I am someone out there will have a problem with it so I might as well be myself.