How to get the most out of your Spring Break!

It is that time of year again. Spring Break. America’s youth is so excited about the religious holidays that they run out to the beach and get wild!

For my followers, who are thinking, Damn didn’t she just have a week off for Mardi Gras? Why yes I did. This time I get  10 days. In case you needed another reason to wish you were a baller like me.

Spring Break can be a wonderful time in a young persons life. In order to ensure you and your friends make the best of your holiday I have compiled a list of must do’s for your week.

1. In the word’s of my dad – “Be good. And if you can’t be good, be safe”

2. If you hear a song about red solo cups come on and people start to cheer. Run away. And never look back.

3. If you get pulled over by the beach cops and they want you to be on their show. They are only asking you because you are drunk and stupid, not because you are cool and good looking.

4.When you pull that slutty dress out of your closet and think about putting it on for Easter sunday. Don’t.

5. Don’t forget to be awesome.

P.S. Check out the wonderful blog TheWaiting! She just got Freshly Pressed this week!!!

Dream Vacation Part 1

Those of you that have been following me for a long time know I post almost everyday and for me to go almost a week without posting is insane.

So why?

I went on vacation. Doesn’t everyone go on vacation for their week of mardi gras break. Oh wait you don’t get a week off for mardi gras. Sucks to be you.

I knew you would all be beyond jealous because not only did I go on vacation, but I went to everyone’s dream location. Alabama. Most dream their entire lives of a vacation on the coast of Alabama. Lucky for you I have been planning a series of blogs to show you through photo and story, so it will be as if you were there.

Part One: The Beach

The beach in Alabama is white sand, crystal blue water, and beautiful tranquility.

Even on a cloudy cold day it is truly breathtaking. Just the wind coming in off the ocean calms the soul. I have often wondered if the ocean breeze was whispering sweet nothings to my soul when I wasn’t looking.


You could see the simple tracks of birds covering the sand. A quiet gesture to the untouched place.

Do you notice anything amiss? Look closer. From our condo I could easily see 8 oil rigs. EIGHT! It breaks my heart. I am truly saddened that there is little left in this world untouched by greed and money.

I hope someone will stand up for our world and the natural beauty that is left.