Battle of Epic Proportions

I was in an epic battle today.

Toe to Toe, man to man. Two would enter one would leave.

It all started at lunch. All the good fights start at lunch. Here I was minding my own business. Picking up my BBQ Pork sliders, corn on the cob, and sweet tea. Smiling politely at the parents serving lunch. waving to the other teachers, and it happened.

I was attacked by a killer door. It was huge seven maybe eight feet tall. Built like a brick house. All I wanted to do was pass by. Simple enough. But no. He was pissed. How dare I take my lunch out of the room and through him. But did he confront me, no. He waited until I was almost out, the sun shining through my tea, and he struck! It was  a low blow. Caught my ankle. Oh and he caught it good. Cut deep, blood flowing across the pale stone sidewalk. But he underestimated me. I am built Ford tough. So he drew first blood, But did it stop me. No. I made it out with everything in tact. I got the last laugh.

Door- Zero

Me- One