Three people to avoid at all costs

My three least favorite people in life are the topper, the judger, the life is black/white guy. They just have this ability to get right under my skin and fry up my nerves. I end up  walking around all on edge just waiting to pop.

The topper- This is the person you know that always did it better. You tell a story and they have one about how they did the same thing only better. Example. I was telling everyone at work I had lost fifty pounds of baby weight. Moms you know this excitement. The topper chimed in well I didnt have a baby and I lost ten pounds. Ok really? Seriously? Thanks you just couldn’t let me have my  moment could you? Oh wait I forgot it is all about you.

The Judger- This is the person who no matter what you say to them the response carries a tone of judgement. You can say anything and the response is lofty the eyes look down at you. They are shorter then you. Doesn’t matter, they can still make you feel small. All I have to say is no matter what you do or who you are there will always be someone who judges you, so go ahead judge me I ain’ t trippin’ .

Life is Black/White- This is the person that thinks life can only be one way, their way. They not only refuse to admit anyone can do things differently, they are cruel and hateful to those that do. Oh but can you talk it out. No. Don’ t try to reason with them it only makes them mad. If you make one mad don’t make eye contact. Slowly back away. If they continue to come toward you begin to agree with them and run. Run as fast as you can. They wont stop until you believe.