hide your kids, hide your wife

So many posts all over the internet about what everyone did in 2012 and what they plan to do in 2013. This is not one of those blogs.

This blog is to discuss what the hell is going on at the house down the street from me.


Here is the scene:

The house has those reflective mirror tint in all of their windows. And to top it off they put it up wrong, so its all wrinkly. They have three of the same style cars, one from each major company. They have a honda fit, a hyundai accent, and the chevrolet sonic. In three different colors. At first they all look so similar I thought they had bought three of the same car. Here is where it gets weird. December 1st they take down the window tint in one window only and put a bunch of nutcrackers up for Christmas. I guess the christmas spirit overwhelmed them.

What are they doing in that house?

My first thought was maybe they are allergic to the sun and that is why they need reflective tint. It would also explain why I have never seen anyone come or go from the house. But why the nutcrackers? Maybe they are magical nutcrackers that protect people from the sun.

Maybe they are secret spies collecting data on my neighborhood, because really all of my neighbors are secret agents in the FBI.

They could just be drug dealers. My neighbor thinks everyone is dealing drugs in the neighborhood. Well, only the people she doesn’t like. Which is why I bake her candies all the time. Not because I deal drugs, but I don’t need her calling the cops on me too. Yep, new hispanic family moved in, so naturally she thinks they deal drugs and called the cops. Poor family didn’t see the racist neighbor coming.

They are the aliens causing all the traffic. Easily could control the traffic with satellites from their home. Or there suspicious cars.

Come on aliens is a legitimate explanation its not like I am running around saying sparkly vampires exist.