Never such devoted sisters

Most of you out there do not know my sister. She is quite the character. As she is related to me. My father and I have spent the better of 20 years trying to convince her she was adopted. There are no pics of my mom pregnant with her or pics of her in the hospital. Very suspicious if you ask me. But alas she is not adopted.

What was life growing up for two crazy girls like us, well just like the Haynes sisters in White Christmas, naturally.

we can sing and dance at the same time!

But our amazing broadway like skills is not the true reason I know she was not adopted. It is that when she borrows my things they disappear into her house never to return again. Just like when I “borrow” things from my dad. It is a vicious family cycle. Maybe our children will be able to break out of the cycle. Maybe it is too late for them too. My daughter already hides her sons toys in her room when he comes over and waits until he leaves and goes whoops this is E’s toy. Yes, whoops indeed little girl. We all know you hid it on purpose.

Well that and we are arm twins. Seriously. Our forearms are exactly the same. It is the only part of us that looks alike. I wonder why that is? Aliens probably.