Everyone’s an Addict

What’s your poison?

Looks tasty, I'll have a shot!

Looks tasty, I’ll have a shot!

Is it fast food? Romance Novels? Watching grass grow? Perhaps something harder? Alcohol? Cigarettes? Clown Porn?


It’s exercise.

The kind that you hate to give in to, you dread it, and then somewhere in the middle of it the dread washes away. The adrenaline rushes through your body reaching into your soul. The road beckons you to just go a little further. The wind swirls past you seeming to lure you around the corner. As you slow to a walk, they call to you, begging your return. And in a matter of moments, I am ready to turn around and begin again. Damn, it feels so good.

For some of you this may sound a trifle  addiction. Sure, I can wax poetic about it now, because right now I have it under control. Right now I am not exercising on my way to exercise. Right now I am not laying in bed thinking about my next workout. Right now I am not consumed. How long can I remain in the Right now?

Can you walk the line?

You know it isn’t a straight line, don’t you? The damn line is always moving trying to get me to fall off.

Damn line.  Don’t they know lines are infinitely straight? Who do they think they are?

Once you pop, you just can’t stop

Everyone tells you tattoos are addicting. If you grow up in the bible belt, they tell you they are the mark of the beast that will send you to hell in the event of the second coming. Somehow I do not think it is my tattoos that have sealed my fate in hell.

As soon as you get one tattoo, you need another. (Not if you get your first tattoo when you are drunk and you end up with a picture of tweetie bird on your ass)

Each tattoo I get, I tell myself this is the last one. And I really fool myself into believing for a a couple weeks.

This is where you ask to see my tattoos, but not today.

I have three tattoos, technically four, as I added to one years after I got it. I am not sure if that counts as one or two. Maybe the tattoo artists who read my blog can tell me.


My latest need is a sleeve. Yes, I have reached that level. I desperately want a sleeve. As a teacher, that is slightly frowned upon. Granted I already have tattoos that show everyday already, I do not want to push it.

But, one day I will not be a teacher, and that is the day I will get my sleeve. This is how I want the sleeve to start, I have to figure out how I want it to finish. Of course at the same time it can’t look exactly like this, because I hate the idea of copying someone’s tattoo.