Conversations with a 2 year old

Conversations with my 2 year old:


Me- In five minutes it is bed time

Five minutes later

Me- Come here T.

T- No I’m not stupid.


In reference to her barbie skipper

T- I want Skipper to say hi to the boys.


Dad at Park- I can’t remember how old my kid is, I am a terrible father

T- He is stupid.


T- I want to watch bad guys

Me- How about a princess movie

T- No, bad guys.


Me- T, I don’t feel good sing me soft kitty.

T- Soft kitty, warm kitty… BAD KITTY hahaha.


At the splash park

T- points at a four year old- he is a baby he has a diaper.

kid runs away crying.

Wife to mom- I’m so sorry, I will make her apologize

Mom- no he needs to man up and stop wearing diapers.


At the park on the swings

T- Talking to one year old next to her- this is my mama my mommy is at school.

Dad takes kid and leaves.