Fall… well maybe

Fall in Lousiana came last week. It will be here till bout wednesday. Then summer comes back.

And it has been a great fall, got to wear my sweaters, drink hot pumpkin coffee, even sit outside on my porch without sweating. This fall will go down in the books. We even had a cool breeze all week. All week can you imagine.

I was really beginning to think that it wasnt going to change seasons, that somehow we had entered this alternate universe in which it  100 degrees outside and the air is so thick it feels alive. That kind of weather just does something to you. So that when it cools even just the littlest bit you go buck wild.

Like last year when it got below 30 and school was cancelled. Cause well it was simply too cold to go to school. And quite frankly I agreed with them. Thats when I knew it had got me. There was no turning back now. Is there hope? Will ever remember what the four seasons are?

Its ok I tell myself. Remember in January we might get a week of winter before early summer sets in.

Phew thats a relief. I love winter …