What I learned in Grad School…

I am now a master.

I have learned quite a few life changing things while in grad school. Out of the goodness of my heart I have decided to share a few with you.


1. Putting a group of adults into one room for eight hours a day for an entire summer is a terrible idea. Somehow we made it out alive, yet I am not sure how.


2. If you are lucky people will leave you notes on how to use a toilet.

photo 1


Thank goodness I went to grad school! I had no idea you were supposed to flush these fancy things.

3. Good men still exist.

photo 2


Isn’t nice of this young man to warn girls ahead of time that he has a small dick.


4. If you tell your advisor that you are going to get shots, he will ask to come with you.

photo 3


5. Whatever anyone says it is totally worth it. Educate yourself people.

17 thoughts on “What I learned in Grad School…

  1. These are not the things I am learning! I feel cheated. I am learning that working in groups really sucks when you’re a type A personality on a hypomanic high. Congrats! I’ll be done in another three weeks.

  2. I finished my masters February 2012. I remember the feeling of elation at what I had accomplished. You must be so proud ofbyours lf

  3. Haha! The small dick comment put me over the moon. I will be laughing about that one for a while. Like EVERY DAY here in deep south Texas where very nearly EVERY high schooler or college kid drives one of those big honking trucks (their parents probably bought it for them too). Little dicks is right. And I’m not just talking about penasia (that Louis C.K.’s plural for a penis).

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