Blue Milk

This post was inspired by James Madden and rumplemintz shots:

We are feeding our children blue milk.

There was a time when they used to feed cows with leftovers from the beer breweries. This left the cows under nourished and in turn would cause them to make very thin milk. In order to conceal this from consumers they added chalk to the milk; leaving children drinking fake milk.

This is what is happening in the world of Mathematics textbooks.

Look at me! I'm bullshit math.

Look at me! I’m bullshit math.

Corrupt evil crappy geometry textbook companies, yeah that is you Pearson, Holt, and Glencoe,  got together with arrogant stupid fuck heads in the department of education. To create water downed mathematics. To the point where when you open a geometry text book it isn’t actual geometry. But NC, it looks like math to me. That my friends, is because you have been lied to for generations about  math.

You were taught blue math.

Your children are being taught  blue math.

And thus the sorry state of affairs America is in. Uneducated masses buying into the  bullshit from Fox news and Bobby Jindal.

The time has come to stop drinking blue milk my friends.

Wake the fuck up.

13 thoughts on “Blue Milk

  1. Textbook companies have a great deal to answer for….but they produce what school districts require (It’s all about money – not about kids at all).
    Districts here have divided what used to be 1 course in algebra into 2 courses to make it easier and better test scores….the problem? Even if the kid meets the state minimum requirements for math course, the kids aren’t getting enough math.
    It’s not just math courses
    Want to improve education without spending a dime?
    Ban multiple choice. Require research papers in English, History, and math every year starting in 6th grade.
    Do not buy into “technology” that uses “devices” to simply ask students to choice A, B, or C – and sends the data to the teacher.
    It’s still multiple choice, people – only you had to buy devices(and that company made money)
    Wake up parents and demand better

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