They can see you

They are in my house waiting for me.


I slowly turn the dead bolt lock and push the door open. Holding my breath in hopes that it will somehow keep the door from squeaking. My eyes slowly criss cross the room looking for any sudden movement.

They hide in different corners of my house every day.

I slowly make my way to the kitchen and jump at the kitchen sink as though an army might come out of the pipes to attack my darkened soul.




I try not to let my foolish excitement overrun me. They are still here. They must be.

I slowly make my way down the hallway. Careful not to make a sound. As I turn the corner, there they are.

Just waiting for me.


Laughing at my utter inability to stop them.


I throw everything I have got at them. To no avail.

And just like that they are gone.

Back into hiding.

Just waiting for my next move.



~my ode to fruit flies~

19 thoughts on “They can see you

  1. Love it! Not the fruit flies, but your prose.

    PS — I know the secret for complete fruit fly obliteration. None can hide from me anymore unless they are dead. Tee hee.

      • Because one of your other commenters already spilled the beans.

        I use a glass dish (that has a lid) and put in 1/4″ deep apple cider vinegar — and one drop of dish soap. The soap eliminates the surface tension (which they otherwise can walk on) and they simply come to drink, sink, and drown. No more fruit flies.

        Hope you and the fam are well!

  2. They’re menacing little things, aren’t they. They wait for an opportunity to annoy us. I know they do. They plot and plan and scheme while we’re not home. It’s true.

    I also learned that they don’t like peppermint, so peppermint oil and peppermint tea bags will also keep them away. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Take that, fruit flies.

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