Lies, Damned Lies, and Hand Soap

In the restroom at school someone felt the soap on the wall was not good enough, so they went out and bought this soap.


Looks like it may  have potential. I mean look at that green color. Vibrant!

Looks like it may have potential. I mean look at that green color. Vibrant!


I  saw it and thought to myself goodness, I did not know hand soap could be invigorating. So I stood there and pondered do I want the traditional soap, or the invigorating cucumber melon soap experience. I live life on the edge, so I went for the invigorating hand-washing experience. And guess what y’all, It was a huge disappointment. Not only did the soap make not bubbles, it barely smelled of cucumber melon. I left the restroom felling disappointed not invigorated. I had to stop other people from making the same mistake, so I went back and left this on the soap.

Problem solved

Problem solved

Preventing hand-washing disappointment one bathroom at a time, that’s my motto.






25 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies, and Hand Soap

  1. Haha! Someone probably got some shitty soap in a gift exchange or baby shower and didn’t want to throw it away so repurposed it instead. Me? I’ll use ANYTHING NOT anti-bacterial, even it’s just plain water. I might have even been invigorated by it. I’m easily amused these days.

  2. hahah I honestly don’t think hand products can be invigorating. I can not ever imagine anybody have an “Herbal Essence Commercial yes yes YES Moment” while putting something on their hands. I mean, how would that look? hmmm…I guess I can imagine it. lol

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