Surviving the end of the world one diet coke at a time

What do people do with boxes?

Huge piles of cardboard boxes

At work I get an all faculty email about once of week of someone needing boxes of all shapes and sizes? I have never needed oddly shaped boxes at school and thus I cannot fathom what they are doing with them.

Perhaps they are covering the walls in cardboard as a new hipster form of decorating?

Perhaps they are moving their house and need an individual box for each item in their house? Damn it, Susan where are the boxes that fit my star wars cookie cutters.

Perhaps they simply are box hoarders preparing for the apocalypse when only the ginger mormons are left standing and there is a civil war over boxes as it has become the currency.

Should I be collecting boxes? In the event of a zombie attack I don’t want to be left without boxes, maybe I should just start collecting diet cokes instead. Bc if the world ends and I have all the diet coke, I know I will have all the power because bitches be loving their diet coke.


11 thoughts on “Surviving the end of the world one diet coke at a time

  1. A very interesting expose (French style) . I like boxes too but I never thought to start saving them in any quantitative fashion. Little boxes I like especially because I can squirrel them away in some bigger box and no-one can accuse me of collecting junk but those big boxes – I don’t know. It seems to me that they can become rather daunting and over-powering after awhile. I think I will stick to the little stuff for now!
    Thank you for your rather entertaining piece. BUT, if you seriously intend to save all coke can I do suggest you squiush them because they can present the same problem a big boxes!!

      • Aaah, you see , I think I was amiss somewhere – I thought that you were planning to save all empty coke cans but it looks like you intend to save full ones, in which case, squishing them would not be a very good idea. But , it doesn’t matter, space, space, will at a premium at some point. I wish you luck with your endeavour!!! Mari

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