What your teacher is really thinking.

There comes a time in every teachers life when they wake up and go I can’t take this shit anymore. Ok, Ok, this moment happens all the damn time.

You see your teachers have to put up with a lot and get very  little in return. Hey, I am not asking for much. It would be nice for kindness though. While I do appreciate the fact that teenagers are not always capable of seeing past their own noses, at times it is hard not to take it personally.

I thought you might enjoy a few of my insights into what your teachers are really thinking:

1. When a student gets really upset over a test grade and blames the teacher.

– this one is one of my favorite moments. I am almost always thinking, oh good, you did not do the work in my class, you don’t listen to a word I say, but please tell me more about how it is my fault you don’t understand. I did not realize I was supposed to do all your studying for you.

2. When a student complains that the lesson we are learning is stupid.

– Wow, you are so smart you know all there is to know about life and can already see that I am just making shit up to teach you for no apparent reason. Or maybe just maybe you need to know this. Perhaps.

3. The ever favorite, the teacher hates me.

– Who are you again? Or I’m sorry I was so busy teaching 100 + students, raising my family, completing grad school, and living my life I can’t remember what was said during class last hour. But, you are right I probably have nothing better to do than sit around and plot your doom.

4. When am I going to use this?

– Oh you mean when are you going to need to use math? Oh you don’t need to know math, hell congress can’t even balance a budget and they seem to have really good job security, great health benefits and a giant ass salary. You are right math is totally unnecessary in life. We should just throw out the books and watch MTV.

5. Complaints about the dress code

– These are my favorite. I do love hearing how the fact that you can’t wear flip flops is the end of the world. My two old thinks the same thing. Yep, I just compared your maturity to a two old.

14 thoughts on “What your teacher is really thinking.

  1. Oh, what went through my head when dealing with a particular child who had been conditioned into helplessness. I, unlike Mom and Dad, did not find it at all charming.

  2. #3 is my favorite. Although I will admit when I was teaching, I definitely had kids I couldn’t stand. Mostly because they were offenders of #1, #2, #4, and #5. Go figure.

  3. Thank you – very entertaining!!! Certain ages and certain behaviours really do bring out the tiger in us – not because we, as adults, don’t understand but exactly because we do and it is hard to believe that we have reached this point in our lives where all the things we absolutely couldn’t tolerate or understand about the adults in our lives at that time, it looks like at this time in our lives we are now no better!!!!! HOW SO VERY UNFAIR!!!! AND HOW CAN THIS BE!!!!????

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