Yes, Benyonce I am ready for that jelly, and then some- updated

I am at a crossroads world.


Do I ignore the people that doubt my intelligence and talk down to me or do I wow them with my accolades?

I know you cannot even imagine being in such a difficult life scenario. It is rough. I feel like I now know a tenth of what Hilary Clinton goes through in day. The woman can’t catch a break. The haters be hatin’ round the clock over my gal pal Hil. Oh you didn’t know we were besties? Totally. She totally just texted me.

I work in an environment that is old school elite and I am the new hippy kid on the block that couldn’t possibly know what they are talking about because I did not go to school there, have all my children go to school there, and work there for 20 years.

I am sure you are thinking I am simply talking about people critiquing my teaching, oh no my friends, they think I do not know anything about well anything. For example:

Coworker 1: My wife is looking for a new OB. Do you have any recommendations?

Me: Oh my god, yes. I love love love my OB. He is the amazing.

Coworker 2: No, you can’t use her OB. You have to use mine for blah blah blah reasons.

Me: Tries to say something positive about my OB

Coworker 2: No I know what I am talking about, you need to use mine.

Seriously? I am too stupid to be able to have a good OB now. Thanks I appreciate that.

Another Example:

Me: I really would like to take on more responsibility at work.

Coworker: But, you have kids. You don’t have time to do anything else.

Me: I am the only teacher in the department that has no extra responsibilities, I can handle it.

Coworker: No, No, No, you will be too overwhelmed.

How do I handle this? Do I just let it roll of my shoulder like a good little buddhist and understand that what someone else says and thinks does not impact me unless I let it? Or, do I stand up for myself?

How do you even begin to stand up for yourself when those belittling you are so closed off they do not hear a word you say?

Perhaps if they all knew I had secret ninja skills, can dance like no one is watching,  have the ability to ignore Taylor Swift music like it isn’t playing, and that LeClown plans to teach me to fly; they would bow down in respect for me.

But then again who can handle knowing that much awesomeness about one person?

Photo from Maximum Wage

Photo from Maximum Wage

32 thoughts on “Yes, Benyonce I am ready for that jelly, and then some- updated

  1. I find most people can’t be reasoned with — everyone thinks his is the best stuff around. Yeah, even me, I must admit (my sibs will totally back up that statement).

    I like answer-bombs. You know, when it’s obvious the person has already made up her mind about you, give her more of THAT. You know, about the OB something along the lines of, “His speculum is something I seriously look forward to every year, and he doesn’t even have to warm it first,” and then walk away. Something sarcastic-wacky like that. Joke ’em if they can’t give a f$&k. And I’m sure you got plenty of that stuff up your sleeve for the whippin’ out.

    I think you’re the shiz, and that’s really all that matters.

  2. Sounds like the OB coworker is annoying. I would just ignore her for the rest of time. How lucky though this husband can take home two suggestions to his wife! I don’t think you can ever have too many recommendations for doctors since there are never enough good ones in my experience.

    How funny, work preventing you from taking on more responsibility. Kinda sounds lucky ha 🙂 I would just find an activity you like to do and join in on the fun if you want to do more! But the reasoning does sound strange to me; do no other teachers have kids too???

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  4. Urgh, that would be so frustrating!! I hope you find a way to get through to them! But in the end,you could always pull pranks like putting frogs in their desks… Couldn’t be you ’cause you don’t know anything right??

  5. If I ever wanted someone to break out in a Ninja dance, it would be in that moment. Your co-worker has the self-esteem of a gnat. She has to go around marketing herself like a new pizza joint, just to feel worthy. You are not powerful enough to change that crazy, but you can put her in her place. “Excuse me, so and so was asking for MY recommendation for a reason. If you want to add your spare change to this conversation, you can certainly do that when I’m not present.” As for your need for more responsibility: “Considering you do not walk in my shoes on a daily basis, please don’t assume to know how busy I am and please don’t underestimate my abilities with your own low expectations.” Good luck out there Hippy Kid!

  6. Great post! I think it’s a great idea to be polite and hold your tongue for a little while, but if your coworker is constantly undermining your intellect, you may want to have a list of snappy, snarky returns to shut them up and walk away on a high note. Or you could try to saddle them with extra work since you have kids and couldn’t possibly handle it.

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