Do you need to spice up your life?

One of the best things about South Louisiana is by in large the food. While I do not enjoy the spicy food, I have actually built up my tolerance from cannot handle ground black pepper to I can handle the spiciest thing you got. This is a big deal for me. Food is spicy here in ways that the rest of the country wishes it were spicy. Most people who are born and raised here are so used to the spice that when they travel they pack spices in their bags to put on the food on their vacations. But, I am now off topic because this post is supposed to be about dessert. Focus NC, focus.

This past week I have been to two of my favorite places in south LA for some amazing treats.

The first is the Frostop.

Don't you just feel yourself going back in time?
Don’t you just feel yourself going back in time?

What makes this place special, aside from the fact that it has a giant root beer float as a sign? I am glad you asked. I dislike root beer and creme soda, yet here I am downing a giant root beer float in minutes. That is hogwarts level magic folks. They make their root beer from scratch. Words cannot describe the simple yet distinct taste of the melted icecream swirling into the heavenly soda. When someone can take a food I do not enjoy and make it something I crave, that my friend is an amazing drink. Hands down best root beer float ever created.

Oh my God, look at it in all its sexy glory.

Oh my God, look at it in all its sexy glory.

The next stop on my dessert train is of course beignets. One cannot live in or visit south LA without eating good beignets on a regular basis. I have heard rumors that in other places people have these things called “donuts” and try and tell themselves that they are good. But, they are lying to themselves. Quite sad really. Going to get beignets is more than the powdered sugar floating in the air and falling softly all over your clothes. It is more than the cafe au lait that goes down so smooth you think you have entered a deal with the coffee devil. It is about the feeling that comes from each and every bite. As if it were your first bite. Every time. Even if you go every sunday and eat a whole plate yourself. Each bite is like the first time. And no donut can compete with those moves. I promise you that.

The calm before the two year old devours half the plate.

The calm before the two year old devours half the plate.

Satisfaction- oh look it is the wife's hand.

Satisfaction- oh look it is the wife’s hand.

35 thoughts on “Do you need to spice up your life?

  1. I grew up in South Louisiana. There are things I love that I miss even today, always will, I suppose. I live in the Georgia Mountains now. I love it here, but I do get nostalgic for my old home.

      • Well, first you have to find coffee soda. The only place I am aware of it ever being sold is in White Plains, NY. I distinctly remember my dad being sent on a coffee soda run as soon as we had gotten to Grandma’s and settled in just the tiniest bit. Coffee floats for dessert! I’m going to have to see if I can find carbonated coffee now. I’ll let you know!

  2. I love it! And though there are some nasty nasty donuts out there, I bet I could set you up with at least three that would turn your head. In fact, you may have inspired next weeks post.

    I’m forwarding your suggestion to a friend in Louisiana right now.

  3. That Frosttop photo caught my eye! My husband and I used to go there all the time – even just for the burgers. I have to ask you about the beignets though. I grew up in New Orleans and have never seen beignets like the ones in your photo. Where are those from? It doesn’t look like Cafe du Monde or Morning Call.

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