Favorite Posts From This Year #2

Now this post, was my very first freshly pressed post. Later I will post my even more popular second freshly pressed post. I hope you enjoy it as much as wordpress did.

Let’s Be Friends… Wait Nevermind

Why I will never be popular.

1. I am too sarcastic. Sure certain men enjoy a sarcastic woman. The same kind of man that gets turned on by a girl being mean as hell to them. You know who you are. But everyone else, they find it funny if they understand it. Don’t under any circumstances be sarcastic with someone who is stupid. They get super angry and bitter.

2. I am confrontational. If someone hurts my feelings, or says something that is simply hateful I just can’t not say anything. Yes I am that person that says what everyone is thinking but won’t say it. Especially in those awful work meetings. Yes I have made presenters cry. She had it coming.

3. I am too blunt. This goes hand in hand with number two. I simply do not understand why people are not simply honest all of the time. What is the point of lying, and making things up? I will never understand why someone would ever lie about anything ever.

4. I am an introvert. Now introverts are largely misunderstood group of people. It does not mean I do not enjoy the company of others, it simply means social occasions drain me emotionally and physically. I can only handle so much before I hit empty and need to recharge.

5. My awesomeness. I am so awesome it is threatening to many people. My awesomeness fills up a room. How do I know I am that awesome? Ask around. Everyone says so.

20 thoughts on “Favorite Posts From This Year #2

    • Confrontation in life and on paper are two different ball games. Besides, if I am going to confront it is going to be damn well worth it. I save it up for the good battles. You would have loved how I single handedly took down my entire republican family about occupy wall street last year thanksgiving. They went into silence. I save it up, so when I use it, it is like a bomb of knowledge. Boom son, you just got schooled.

  1. This was the post that introduced me to you. You so speaka my language! My first first reblog attempt (I had no idea what I was doing that early in blogging!), thanks for letting me practice my awkwardness on you.

    PS — It seems that odd and sarcastic is the new pragmatic. I’m no longer unpopular; in fact, my wacky dirt habit has developed a bit of a fan club with the PTA moms, with most of whom I have nothing else in common. And I’m still sarcastic as hell — with a smile, always with a smile — when it drives the point. (When someone says, “Wow, you’re so fit, and with four kids!” to which I reply, “Yeah, eating vegetables is just the worst way to get fat.”)

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