Why should I follow your blog?

It is the time of year when bloggers slow down. Less is being written and more is being celebrated in real life. I know it is hard to believe, but the internet is not what I consider real life. Β It has also been a few months since I have added new blogs to read and many of the lovely blogs I follow no longer write anything. This is where you come in.

Tell me why I should be following your blog and I will check it out.

Give me a sentence or two about your awesomeness, your theme, or maybe just why you think we would hit it off.

I can’t wait to read them all!



74 thoughts on “Why should I follow your blog?

  1. Well my blog is about Craving – Adventure, Travel, Life, Etc. Mainly centered around living Out West in the U.S. I enjoy reading your posts:) This time of year is about family and gathering as well as friends and celebrating. Take time off and Enjoy the Holiday I say! Happy Sunday

    • I fear that I cannot solve your regret as a new follower because I already follow you. Though, wordpress has a way of stopping putting blogs in my feed that I follow. So, I will unfollow then follow again and it will be like a new follower!

  2. Once upon a time there were dinosaurs in a cave. The biggest dumbest one was this dinosaur named Gary and exclaimed loudly, “GUYS! GUYS! GUYS!, those delicious humans that we only sometimes get to eat, will one day use our fossils for fuels and will hang our skeletons in these things called museums and will eventually bring us back using genetics!” A crusty looking dinosaur turns to Gary and says, “Shut up Gary, I’m trying to digest my brontosaurus.”

    Gary turned back to his drawing mumbling to himself, “no one appreciates my cave drawings either.”

  3. My blog is mostly humor but I have several short stories that you will most likely enjoy. It’s all about the funny for me and I focus on quality jokes and well structured humor. Check out “Witnessing Greatness” for a short hit or “The Time I Outsmarted My Wife” for a longer read. THANKS!

  4. My blog is about me seeing the world through the lens of being a therapist. And right now, I am a therapist planning a wedding. And, as you all know, it takes more than a little crazy to want to become a therapist in the first place. So mix all that together, and then add copious amounts of ice cream and zombie references. Ta-da!

  5. I have to admit… I am not awesome. And my blog theme is a mess. But I try to keep it somewhere in the realm of being an active duty army wife, my weird child, writing, and adopting… And whatever ridiculousness comes up.

  6. I’ve just started out writing, and i guess more than just reading my blog, I’d like for some feedback and pointers from a not too hoity-toity stand! πŸ™‚
    cheers and happy anniversary!

  7. I’m sorry – I love the question, but I can’t provide an answer. I hope you continue to stop by on occasion, and I hope you like what you read – but why one should follow the blog? I have no idea – and yes, I have always sucked at self-promotion. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh, dear. The “talk about why my blog is wonderful” question. This is almost as painful as the “tell me why we should hire you” guestion. Sigh. Ok, you should continue to read my blog because we seem to be rather like-minded. You have a young child. I have two not so young children. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes? And, if you don’t read my blog, then you won’t comment on my blog and I love your comments.

  9. My blog is just the random musings of my awkward college life. I am a huge nerd/otaku so that crops up sometimes, but mostly I write about my observations and life. If you’re craving a visit to a ninja with sour patch kids in her theme, head this way!

  10. My blog is very random and covers a vast selection of topics, ranging from makeup reviews to some of my adventures in everyday life. There’s probably a little something for everyone AND lots more coming… hope to see you around! Kat

  11. Oh i dont know if you will like my blog..its more of a diary of a girl who has a story she cant tell… Just babbling of a girl living in a secret closet and who cant come out … πŸ˜›
    plus sometimes you will find lots of super heroes in my blog..because i think im one πŸ™‚

  12. Feeling like a bit of a blogging prostitute offering my blog’s goods up, in a good way. πŸ™‚ My blog is about getting strangers to talk to each other in San Diego and making them (and myself) happier.

  13. I post a lot, sometimes several times a day, about everything from muppet sex, to thin-slicing, to blogger personality tests. :). You are welcome to come by anytime for some virtual tea, real compliments, or craziness.

  14. I try to post every day! (this doesn’t always work on weekends, but in some ways i find this re-assuring that I am not abtually able to post every single day.. or else what would i have to post about?). I also like to search the internet for silly clipart and sometimes and soon i hope to add badly taken photos to the mixture. I clearly really know how to sell myself here :P… But if you drop by, Enjoy!

  15. I’m a relatively new blogger and have a few followers. I write in a humourous manner and I write about anything from seeing the latest James Bond flick to cooking (and that term is used very loosely for this particular recipe) a chocolate ripple cake to take to a party full of people I’ve mostly never met, and who have mostly never met each other either. I really enjoy writing and am always looking for amusing and humerous blogs to read. Check out my blog – you might just like it. πŸ˜€

  16. Check out my blog if you want to exercise like you are on the twerk team, think breathing is overrated and need to tame your donk-a-donk or if you just want to exercise with a little bit of inspiration. Love your blog. Stories are always hilarious. I even read them to my daughter (she’s 16)

  17. Because you have a secret desire to dig in the dirt and need a buddy to help you find joy in dirty fingernails (and maybe just a little naughty doing it). And because I’m awesome. No, I’m beyond awesome. I’m beyawesome.

  18. Love this question as have found lots of great blogs already. You should read mine as it will eventually give you ideas and fun things to do when you are a Nan and for people that are single and over four decades old, it’s all fun! X

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