Have you seen my Christmas Spirit?

I have not been feeling the christmas spirit this year. Which is uncharacteristic of me. Last year I decorated on November 1st and starting writing christmas blogs then as well.

Yet, this year nothing. Not even the desire to decorate. I am not sure why this is. But, I do have a few theories.

Last year’s amazing tree! Doesn’t the snow look real??


1. We cut off our cable. Thus, I am not seeing any holiday commercials, no ABC 31 days of christmas movies, and no holiday episodes of my favorite shows. How can anyone expect me to be in a holiday mood without the TV telling me its christmas?

2. I am not shopping. Money is tight and I have not even stepped foot into a store. To be honest, I probably won’t. Gotta love online shopping for your instant gratification needs. No stores enticing me to buy more christmas decorations.

3. I don’t go to hobby lobby anymore. This was a quick and painless break up. The Jo Ann Fabrics moved in just down the street and it is all the hobby with none of the crappy lobby. But, all that cheap christmas lobby really does put you in the mood.

4. I am trying to grow out my hair to its natural color. What does this have to do with christmas you say? A girl’s hair can make or break her day, obviously. How can I get all excited when my hair looks like poo. Cute poo, but poo none the less.

5. My Christmas as a child was just the four of us, my mom, dad, sister and me, and we are a quiet people. We would go to church on christmas eve, and make a fancy breakfast christmas morning while opening presents and listening to jazz music softly in the background. Now, my holidays are christmas eve games with the in laws, and store bought “food” (for a foodie this is a nightmare), Christmas morning with step siblings that show up to eat and open presents in two hours and then leave. Needless to say, It is not christmas to me anymore.

6. No snow. I grew up in the midwest, where it was most likely snowing in december and amazing and wonderful and fun and fluffy. Here it will most likely be 80 degrees and yucky. I’m dreaming of a white christmas here folks. Anyone care to ship me some snow on dry ice?


Don’t fret too much, I will find my christmas spirit, just like the grinch, and then you will be bombarded with instagram pics of my tree, my stockings, my lights, my christmas cookies, and my presents.

27 thoughts on “Have you seen my Christmas Spirit?

  1. It’s very early days. We’re still eating leftover turkey. I think I’ll start decorating once the last of the turkey is eaten, which I have calculated will be by the end of this week. What helps me is that R can’t wait. We have plenty of xmas stuff, so we don’t need to buy more. In fact, I took a lot to Goodwill a few months ago, because I wanted to simplify. Yeah, it’ll be hot where you are, but put on a CD. That always helps.
    Yeah, boycotting Hobby Lobby is going to save me a lot of money, too. So it all works out. Cheer up!

  2. #4 — Don’t worry. That’s what cute hats are for. Find one that suits your style and wear it everyday (especially the days when you don’t feel like washing). I prefer a do-rag ’cause I careful not to impress.

    #5 — Try being vegan. It’s the ultimate awkward in dining and party-going during the holidays.

    • I was vegetarian for many years, and have been feeling the urge to go back to that. One gets quite good at making people who ask you about it uncomfortable. It’s just so much fun. “You don’t eat fish?” “No, I don’t eat things that pee in the ocean.” “But, people pee in the ocean.” “I don’t eat people either” yes happened more than one time.

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