The Maddow effect

I love Rachel Maddow. In a, I want to be her when I grow up kind of way. Except I am already grown up, so I want to go back in time, so I can wish to be her when I grow up.


What is there not to like about Rachel Maddow?

1. She is strong, confident, educated, and well spoken.

2. She has a calm confidence about her.

3. Hello she looks amazing in those glasses. And I have glasses.

4. She has her own TV show.

5. She is normal enough, that I can pretend that it would be possible to be just like her.


Here is her website check her out. : Rachel Maddow 

25 thoughts on “The Maddow effect

  1. The wealth of knowledge that women possesses is amazing…being interviewed live herself you’d think she needed to be a little light on some questions. Nay: this woman knows everything!

  2. She is an inspiration for women everywhere. I wonder what it would be like if she ran for president. Attractive, smart, be-spectacled, with a hint of sarcasm equals one hot mama.

  3. I don’t know Rachel Maddow but then I don’t know you either but I am sure that whoever either of you are , you are great just the way you are. You don’t need to wish to be someone else because who you were made to be is just what is needed in your corner of the world. Love who you are. Remember the old, old movie with Jimmy Steward called IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. If you don’t remember, have a gander, you may see your place in the world differently!!

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