Learning curve of Nanowrimo

I am sure you are expecting me to blog about the election, but I cannot. It hurts too much to think about it. I just want it to be over like morning sickness.

I have some insightful thoughts I have learned in my first week of nanowrimo.

1. It is weird and exciting when you are writing so much, you start to dream your novel. No kidding. I went to sleep and my dream began right were I left off writing. Gave me some fantastic ideas too.

2. It is super hard to write a book at night and do anything else productive. I wouldn’t bother trying. Eating cookies and writing, however, is extremely easy.

3. All the cool kids do nanowrimo. I am not go to a meet up of nanowrimo’s cool, but more like hipster writer wannabe cool. If only I could find my skinny jeans.

4. Characters you are writing will do things you did not expect. How is that even possible? Answer. Aliens.

5. I need complete quiet to write a novel. Somehow I can do a million things while I blog, but writing a fictional story, I need somewhere between silence and the kids are out of town quiet.

P.S. Win or lose I heart you Obama xoxo

20 thoughts on “Learning curve of Nanowrimo

  1. I know… what she ^ asked. I have been seeing this nanowrimo, mojoblow stuff all over… must be for extreme writers – eh? (insert very dramatic wink here)

  2. I wanted to try nanowrimo this year, but the first came and went, and I couldn’t commit. Good for you for doing it, and I’m happy to hear that it has been a good experience so far.

  3. Mmmm cookies!

    And I’ve read that in some of my favorite authors blogs/about me’s. That their characters will take on a life of their own and not do what they’re supposed to. Really interesting concept.

    And dreaming your story: awesome!

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