22 thoughts on “Beat Bama!

      • Of course I am! Though I have to say, it’s not quite as fun being in the Wild, Wild West for the game as being in NO for it last year (even though I got trapped for ages Uptown after a doctor’s appt at Touro because the streetcars were *packed*!)

        Tell those boys to pick up the pace! This is game is going to kill me!

  1. LOL At the risk of being weird, I’ll Big Bama Mama has more stories to tell than Little Bama Busties. I’ll pick her, but I’ll probably need a six pack and some cigarettes to go with us.

      • Nah, I missed it. Too busy with kids!! College sports is where it’s at, though; if I’m gonna watch, I’ll choose college football or basketball. Once they go pro, it becomes all celebrity and advertising — two things I hate even more than politics (which is actually a sick perversion of celebrity and advertising).

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