Google Plus vs. Skype

After an epic online video chat day on sunday I have decided Google plus is infinitely better than skype.

Too bad their image isn’t sexier.

What you may ask was I doing on sunday? Well first I was chatting with the waiting and little C on the skype. Guess what folks that baby is even cuter in video than pictures 🙂

Then I went on the my book club ill behaved women. We meet on google plus. Watch out internet women recklessly reading and educating themselves, next we may want to vote.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the difference between the two, but back to back like that, it was so obvious. How could I not have seen it before? It is almost tragic how terrible skype is. Tragic. But, seeing as google owns the world I should have known their product would be better. You can’t take over the world with crappy products only crappy food.

Why google plus is better:

1. You can chat with lots of people at once. Everyone knows three people is better than two. 😉

2. Google plus never kicks me out or freezes up. Google has their own special internet that is magic.

3. The video is so crisp. Crispiness is extremely important. Just like in bacon.

4. When the person is talking their picture is blown up, but their little picture is still there. That means you get two pictures of them at once! How did they know I always wanted to imagine everyone with two heads?

5. I have never had a quality call on skype. So sad really.

Don’t hide behind that happy blue, we know you are sad on the inside.

21 thoughts on “Google Plus vs. Skype

  1. I love the little hats and sunglasses and whatnot you can wear in google hangout 🙂 super fun! And definitely fantastic that you can talk to more than one person at a time! And the special internet is so… so… special!!

  2. It was so great to talk to you! C enjoyed it immensely, as did I. I have pretty much had it with Skype too. When I have to tell people to brace themselves for freeze-ups and kick-offs before they even call me, you know it’s time to fire Skype.

  3. That was a very cute post, very funny… I’ve always used Skype but love Google. Didn’t know they had a video chat. Should have figured.

    So what’s this book club? Can I join? I tried to start one with my friends but none of them read the book.

  4. I have used Skype for a long long time, and I feel it’s better than Google Hangouts. However, both software’s lack encryption and security. Hence, for conducting business meetings, I have switched over to RHUB web conferencing appliances.

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