Seriously KKK, get your own damn paperclips.

There is an office supply thief in my room.

More specifically pencils, paperclips, and dry erase markers.

Hey those are my office supplies!

My usual theory on everything is aliens, naturally. But, how could aliens get into my room at night, and why would they want my office supplies. Perhaps I have been purchasing magical office supplies and not knowing it. Damn I should have planted them to see if a magic bean stalk would grow.

So, what could be snatching my stuff?

I spent a year thinking, ok not really, but I did wonder from time to time. Until I had an epiphany. It has got to be the KKK. None of my office supplies are white, in fact I only use the black dry erase markers. Gasp! I know. They just couldn’t handle anything not being white. You would think my white boards, and white walls would be enough for them, but no. They had to sneak and steal my office supplies, damn infidels.

But, how does one stop the KKK from stealing your paper clips? Maybe I should set traps. I could leave movies playing about germany, or a confederate flag in a mouse trap. But that would be ineffective.

Who am I kidding the KKK isn’t stealing my office supplies. Aliens are. Obviously.

Damn aliens.

8 thoughts on “Seriously KKK, get your own damn paperclips.

  1. What if….WHAT IF…the aliens are using the paper clips and dry erase markers to build a robot-clone you?? Would you (A) destroy alien-built robot you in case robot you turns out to be evil angry like the marshmallow guy on Ghostbusters or (B) show alien-built robot you to your desk, then book it to Jamaica for 3 weeks?

  2. Those aliens have some pretty bad posture going there…hopefully they’re more blind to the skin color of office supplies than the KKK. Good luck finding those punks!

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