That is not supposed to be funny

I am looking for some new challenges in life. Thus I put forward a challenge to you. Give me the most unfunny topics you can think of, and I will do my best to attempt to turn them into funny posts.

I really want to push my humor in my writing outside of the box.


Ready, set, go!


37 thoughts on “That is not supposed to be funny

  1. There seems to be themes on WordPress and connections everywhere. Yesterday on I read a blog about political correctness and comedians making jokes about certain topics that may be seen as taboo.

    I think I agree with an earlier commenter: making the mundane funny is the greater challenge. Jokes made at the expense of other people’s or our own suffering seems to have been done to the extreme.

  2. 1) Not getting any sleep when you have a newborn. Definitely not funny. Worth it though 🙂
    2) when your neighbor has better grass than you

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