Top 5 things to NOT ask a pregnant lesbian

Earlier I wrote a mind blowing post about what not to ask a lesbian about sex. Today I am going to blow your mind with more gay education.

What not to say to  a pregnant lesbian:

Why yes, that is my belly, my how long ago that seems now.

1. But you can’t get pregnant? / How did that happen? 

One, you sound ignorant. There is in fact multiple ways to get pregnant without having sex with a boy. Two, what you are really asking me is how I got sperm in my vagina. You do realize that don’t you? Have you ever asked a straight woman that? No, because it is rude as hell to ask someone how they got sperm up their vagina.

2. Won’t you kid be messed up because they don’t have a dad?

The best part this was asked to me by someone who is messed up because their parents were abusive, yes, her heterosexual mom and dad. To answer your question, no my child will be far better off, more loved, and more prepared for life than you ever were. Thanks. And yes, I have multiple research studies to back that up.

3. Who’s the dad? 

Really? Do you ask your straight friends this? Just because they are in a committed relationship doesn’t mean that is the dad. No, that would be rude wouldn’t it? My standard answer, my baby is a blessing from god. Thank you.

4. Was it an accident?

This one made me laugh and laugh. They literally forgot I couldn’t get pregnant by accident. Made my night.

5. Are you going to tell them who their dad is? 

One, none of your damn business. Two, they have two parents thank you. Did I  mention it is none of your damn business.

6. Do you think they will be gay?

One, straight people have gay kids, not gay people. Two, I can no more change the color of my child’s eyes then their sexuality. If they are gay it is not because of me, but because they were born that way. I will love them no matter what. What we really should be discussing is how you will handle it when your kid comes out.

oops that is six not five. Oh well. I could go on all night.

34 thoughts on “Top 5 things to NOT ask a pregnant lesbian

  1. There seems to be a frickin boat load of stupid people in the world (or as my hubby always says, most people don’t think and those that do don’t think like us).
    Beyond their stupidity is that issue if HOW IS THIS THEIR BUSINESS? Sometimes I get asked questions related to the fact my son is gay and I have actually laughed out loud at people. And then walked away. Sheesh.

  2. Love Love Love Loved this! =] People have NOOOOOO filters! 1 & 3 made me giggle the most. So true, that you wouldn’t straight up ask someone how semen ended up in their vagina. Ha! On the other hand, it is really sad that people find it okay to ask & that it is even close being their business *shakes head* Your belly picture is lovely.

  3. I think it’s the psychologist in me that finds 3 and 5 to be interesting questions. But I would only ask a good friend who’s willing to chat about it.

  4. it might be the sleep dep talking here, but in #6 you said that straight people have kids, not gay people? I’m thinking there’s a missed word in there somewhere, because obviously gay people have kids or this (hilarious) article wouldn’t exist!

    Congratulations on the baby!

  5. One of my best friends is gay and had a baby. In fact, she and her partner just got married and their 2 year old was in the wedding. I found the process fascinating and even had her write some guest blogs on the whole IVF thing, but I could NEVER imagine asking someone I didn’t have some close relationship all the nitty gritty. And some of those questions…Two and six especially. Jeez.

  6. When my cousin’s partner got pregnant, I said, “Congratulations! And welcome to the family!” 🙂

    Cute belly! I wish belly pictures had been popular when I had my daughter 18 years ago.

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