Finally…. I found some good food from a store.

I have done it folks. I have found the best tasting potato chip of my life. Yes it has taken me 28 years to find a potato chip that I actually like to eat. Now if only I could find a store bought ice cream worth anything. But I will save that for another day.

The empty bag. I ate the entire thing by myself. For me that is a big deal.

Laurel Hill Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. 

What goes into the perfect chip you ask. Well… an ingredient list that surprise I can read. No genetically modified anything.  No chemicals just all natural real ingredients. And let me tell you what, the taste difference is mind blowing.

Sure you can buy a bigger bag of Lay’s for less money, but people we are talking about food here. FOOD. It should melt in your mouth in such a way that it has you under its control from the moment it hits your tongue. You loose all sense of time and reality and for that brief second it is just you and the food. All your hopes and fears have abandoned you, leaving you to simply enjoy something in a way that is unparalleled to your mundane life. This is how each meal should be spent.

If people were truly living life as it ought to be lived imagine the love that would come out of every corner, every person, every moment.

I intend to spend my life finding these immaculate foods. No matter how much crappy food I have to taste and spit out. I will do it for all of you because you deserve a life of decadent foods.

*Laurel hill did not pay for this blog post*

29 thoughts on “Finally…. I found some good food from a store.

  1. Awesome! I’m always on the lookout for non-GMO’s. They deserve our business, if nothing more than to get the rest of the industry – and the FDA – to get with the program.

    I agree with KarmaTruck. You should get a free (replacement) bag.

    • No thank you. Too full of fake ingredients. Homemade or go home 🙂 I was a foodie, but cutting out processed foods has made me a foodie purist. I will send you any blue bell coupons I get.

  2. JOY TO YOU!!! REAL FOOD REALLY IS GREAT!!! I think it such a shame the you have to spend so much time looking for real food when it should be right therein your grocery store. I think it is about time that we as a society DEMAND that food and the essentials of like NOT be treated as a commodity that is traded on some stock market to make somebody or other rich or richer. This is truly the highest crime and I am not sure what price we will as a species have to pay for it in the future!!!

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