Once you pop, you just can’t stop

Everyone tells you tattoos are addicting. If you grow up in the bible belt, they tell you they are the mark of the beast that will send you to hell in the event of the second coming. Somehow I do not think it is my tattoos that have sealed my fate in hell.

As soon as you get one tattoo, you need another. (Not if you get your first tattoo when you are drunk and you end up with a picture of tweetie bird on your ass)

Each tattoo I get, I tell myself this is the last one. And I really fool myself into believing for a a couple weeks.

This is where you ask to see my tattoos, but not today.

I have three tattoos, technically four, as I added to one years after I got it. I am not sure if that counts as one or two. Maybe the tattoo artists who read my blog can tell me.


My latest need is a sleeve. Yes, I have reached that level. I desperately want a sleeve. As a teacher, that is slightly frowned upon. Granted I already have tattoos that show everyday already, I do not want to push it.

But, one day I will not be a teacher, and that is the day I will get my sleeve. This is how I want the sleeve to start, I have to figure out how I want it to finish. Of course at the same time it can’t look exactly like this, because I hate the idea of copying someone’s tattoo.

29 thoughts on “Once you pop, you just can’t stop

  1. Please don’t get a sleeve! And my guess would be the original plus add on counts as one tattoo, but you had multiple sittings. Cause a lot of big tattoos they can’t do at once anyway.

    Have you thought about Taylor writing her name on your skin and having them tattoo that on you? I thought that and a baby footprint were really cute ideas…

    I’ve grown up in the bible belt and never heard that about mark of the beast. Though my father in law repeatedly tries to wipe the birds off my foot when he sees them, saying I have a black smudge there, haha

    • Oh but I will look most excellent with a sleeve. It will fit me perfectly just you wait and see. I had not thought of the writing thing. I am not sure that is me. Probably because after teaching in a rough school all the 14 year old moms have tattoos for their kids like footprints, names, teddy bears etc, and I associate those things with them.

  2. I don’t have a tattoo (yet) – due to my extreme addiction to piercings! So I know that I’d be just as addicted to tattoos πŸ™‚ (And it’s tough to be addicted to piercings when I’ve decided I only want my ears to be pierced! I think they’ll just look like metal hunks one day… haha)

    And I love the picture at the bottom! That’d be a Great start to a sleeve!

  3. I have 2 tattoos. Both have meaning to me and I want another one soon. I don’t know what it is about them, but I can’t wait to get my next one πŸ™‚

  4. I totally agree about the “rush”! I got my first at 35 (and added to it at 36.. good question about counting as one or two. Mine looks like it was done all at once, so I imagine people only credit me with one). I totally want another before closing out my 40th year..

  5. Is it called a sleeve because it starts and the wrist and works its way up? It’s a beautiful one. I’ve shied from tats all my life (all of my friends have at least one). If I still look hot in a bikini in another 5 years (when I’m 50), I will go get one. It will be on my hip and visible from the top of my low-rise bottoms. It will NOT be my husband’s or kids’ names. It will have a curse word on it. Yep.

    • Haha the only word I have on me right now is “why”

      Three of my four tattoos can’t be seen when I’m wearing a bikini, the other is on my foot. I figure if my foot gets ugly, I have bigger things to worry about πŸ™‚

    • I love it! Especially the curse word part. I do believe that is why it is called a sleeve. I will not be that big though. I plan to start on my should blade and wrap the vine/tree around to my forearm stopping above my elbow.

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