Urgent Health Updates!

It is that time of year again. Back to school.

For those of you not in the southern usa, we go back to school in the beginning of august.

Back to school means, monthly health newsletters again.

If you missed my earlier summaries of these extremely important letters: Check them out: One and Two


1. Things you did not know about cheese- supposedly- Cheese does contain fat. People in Greece eat 68 pounds of cheese a year. The more cheese a country eats the less obese its people are. I know you are relieved to know these things about cheese. It was probably keeping you up at night. So rest easy tonight my friends.

2. Talking to old people about driving- Deciding whether an old person should be driving is sensitive, so you need to be caring, and respectful. Yes that is all one needs to do.

3. Getting a family portrait of your clan- woah woah, what kind of newsletter is this?

4. Do you have eye troubles?- Are they red and inflamed? Are things blurry? If so go to the doctor. I hope you wrote that advice down folks it is quite tricky.

5. How to break spending habits- Make sure you have the money before you buy something. ( do people really not do that?) Before you give in, talk to yourself .  Because you will obviously be able to talk yourself out of it.


The end of newsletter quote-

” The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore


Keep Healthy Bloggers.




15 thoughts on “Urgent Health Updates!

  1. I’ve never had my mind blown as fierce as it is now. Glad limitless paper was used to communicate this with urgency.

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