So you think you can tell me what to do

We have entered the no nap zone at my house- the war to end all wars.


For any parent out there, they know this war. You never see it coming. Blindsided by a week or a month of fuss free napping, and BAM no more naps! The screaming, the room torn apart, the need for extra wine each night.

One must be careful and plan a strategy when these battles start to break out. You cannot just run in screaming. That’s what they want you to do.


1. The I am going to exhaust you each morning strategy. I know you think the pool is fun, but really it is my way of making you so tired you cannot resist the nap.

2. The Bribe method. If you take a nap, all of your wildest dreams will come true. I promise. Really I do. Damn, even I don’t believe that one.

3. The reverse psychology method. Don’t make them take a nap, let them run around like a wild beast hoping they pass out before bed time. *This method is not for the OCD parents out there*

4. Get a babysitter for nap time. This method can be costly, but if you are not home to make nap happen, then you can tell yourself it did happen. Or that is was the babysitters fault. Damn babysitter.

5. Give up completely. Forgo naps and decide the best thing to do in the afternoons is build giant forts in the living room and protect princesses from dragons.

33 thoughts on “So you think you can tell me what to do

  1. We did the give up completely method after trying “Well, you don’t have to nap, but you have to have quiet time.” Unfortunately, my body did not give up nap time…still hasn’t!

  2. Number 1…totally. My older kids will STILL take a much-needed nap after expending all of their energy in the pool in the middle of the day. Heck — I usually need one too!

  3. The great nap wars- ha! I remember them not so fondly. I actually conned both my kids into napping regularly until they were 5. I used a combination of #1, a super regular schedule- nap is at 1pm exactly and made sure we were home and ready at that time- and laying down with them until they fell asleep. Sometimes, I dozed off too! They both are big sleepers, so they were also able to go to bed by 8 even after having an afternoon nap. I will admit that there were a few times I had to snuggle them, stroking their hair and shushing quietly while they tried to fight that last little bit of tired.

  4. Good idea on the extra wine, but I’d say that if the kid’s not napping, you’re not giving them ENOUGH extra wine.

  5. Great post! I really felt like I went through the five stages of grief when the boys stopped napping. Think about it….denial, anger, bargaining, etc… I right?

  6. This post saddens me for what’s to come. How soon till you can graduate to the Make them Do Chores method so that if they don’t nap from exhaustion, at least your house is clean?

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