Family vs. Facebook

I often wonder what is the purpose of facebook?

To keep in touch with long lost friends and family? To share pieces of your life with everyone you can? To express the thoughts you are too afraid to say to someone’s face?


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I have reached a dilemma with my facebook use. Family members that post crazy shit. I mean really crazy shit. What do you do with it? I have come up with a few options:

1. The passive aggressive hide their feed option. You no longer see the offensive posts, but can still pretend like you are best of friends.

2. The let them walk over you like a rug option. Where you ignore the personal attack they just made at you as if you never saw it. Oh I haven’t checked my facebook in days, I was too busy reading fifty shades of grey.

3. The wait until the next family holiday to fight option. Spend the next few months building up anger and resentment so you can have a drag out fight over turkey and sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. If possible get the family to takes sides now, it will make for a better fight.

4. The online attack option. Quickly without thinking say things you will regret online for the world to see. Carpe Diem!

5. The unfriend option. This one is tricky as you will have to see them again, after all they are family. Make sure to come up with a list of excuses on hand as to why the computer is broken and won’t let you be friends with them. My suggestion, blame it on the aliens.

26 thoughts on “Family vs. Facebook

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  2. This is such a timely post. I don’t think it’s appropriate to post political stuff on facebook. If I know that we have differing views and I still want to be your friend, have the decency to leave the political stuff off facebook.

  3. Never Contrary,
    I once bumped into someone I had unfriended and got a lecture for it. After that conversation, I unfriended that person in real life.
    I did remove my mom from Facebook, because of crazy shit written… Facedrunking is a bad idea.
    Le Clown

  4. Option 6: deactivate your account, and either make a new one under an assumed name, only friending the people you REALLY want to be in contact with OR…………….don’t, because you already say stuff you want to here, right?

  5. The purpose of Facebook is targeted ads. Period. “When you don’t pay for consumption of a product, you are not the consumer. You are the product being sold.” ~ Unknown

    All the wacky, irritating things that people do on FB just support that. But in order to unfriend the stalker, I also unfriended mom and hubby. It was an all-or-nothing event, and I haven’t looked back after six months. If people want to know some of my antics (dirt and kids), they can read my blog. But they really don’t get to know me unless they come over and visit. I’m old-fashioned that way, and I really prefer “relationships.” They’re less one-sided.

  6. I agree with Shannon. It’s taking the place of real relationships. Or keeping alive ones that should have died out in “real life”. And it’s just word throwup about every mundane and/or offensive thing someone can think of to say every 30 seconds.

    I hate FB.

    • I hate it as well. What is the point of keeping touch with people who you will never see again because you do not speak to them in real life. And if you do see them it is all kinds of awkward.

  7. My husband only posts schizophrenic lunacy on FB nowadays so that all the people who he never wanted to keep in contact with in the first place will unfriend him. It’s hilarious and awesome to behold.

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