So you want me to clean up do you?

Signs your child may  grow up to be on the OCD side of life:

1. Scene- Dinner. Drinking milk. A single drop lands on their shirt.  “ow ow ow, it hurts!!” Magically the pain goes away when you wipe up the milk.

2. Scene- Outside. Playing. Dirt gets on their hand. They throw their hands up and run to the door shouting nasty, nasty!

3. Scene- Their room. Getting dressed. Each outfit must be painstakingly matched, including socks, shoes, underwear, and hair bows. Yes my child can coordinate better than I can.

4. Scene- Living Room. Playing Castle. The child notices a piece of hair on the floor, picks it up gives you a look of disdain saying that’s gross and proceeds to throw it away.

5. Scene- Outside. Anything that could potentially be a bug. Your child points at the bug and yells don’t touch that. Bugs bite.

25 thoughts on “So you want me to clean up do you?

    • I am guessing you are ocd, so you are afraid your children will be. Or you are messy and afraid your children will be clean. Either way, your child will be adorable and you will think whatever they do is cute. I promise.

  1. We know our 5 yr old has OCD, but they will not give a diagnosis till almost 18 here. He washes his hands or keeps wipes near by when playing with paint, playdough, sand, or anything “messy.” He cleans his desk, the table, the work centers, etc after or even before he uses them. He eats extremely slow in order to not make a mess. Getting dressed, he not only matches but lays them out on the floor to make sure they match and have no wrinkles or spots… Did I mention he thinks he is a super hero? Needless to say, he’s a hoot!

  2. My hubby has tendencies but I just let him do things as he feels they should be done and so he gets the comfort of things in his world being as HE needs them to be. I used to feel insulted that he was always “fixing” everything after I had done it, ie. He would resweep the kitchen floor – but now I realize that I don’t have to do that chore because he NEEDS to do it.

  3. Based on the comments it seems like if my kid did show some of these signs, it’s best to be patient and sees what comes out of their obsession.

  4. My son was very OCD when he was younger. Everything in the house had to be stacked up. He would take books movies and anything else he could find flat and stack them into big stacks. When you would take them down or they would fall he would redo them and have a fit. He had three stacks of movies in his room stacked up the front of his dresser he wasn’t in there I moved a bunch of them around put them around the room. He came in started grabbing them and stacking them up. Then took some down moved them around put them back and went on. My sister was there I said what his he doing now. She said those movies he just put up there are the ones that were on top before you moved them around. This was at 2 years old. He also had the thing with clothes being wet if they got wet he had to take them off. He would not swim in swim trunks even because clothes were not meant to be wet and wore. he still has some OCD if you really watch him but it is no where near as bad as it was. I was about to lose my mind with everything in my house stacked up in piles in every room of the house.

      • he did grow out of it thank goodness it makes it much easier to go to pool parties now lol. We don’t have to say sorry we can’t make it. he also wouldn’t wear long sleeves or pants until he was about 3. we had to wrap him in blankets when it was cold.

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