Hippies use the side door please

I am a part of of co-op. In fact two hippy co-ops.

We buy hippy stuff in bulk. Yes that does make me cooler than most.

What does one buy in a co-op?



1. Dried fruit. Its comes in bags and I tell my daughter it is chips. She buys it. So gullible.

2. Cows. We buy a bunch of cows and have a butcher cut them up and then split it up. Do you even know what is in the nasty meat you buy at your grocery store. Death that’s what.

3. Chickens. I have yet to make it in on the chicken buy. But pretty sure they come as whole chickens feet and all. Still figuring out what do with chicken feet. Make a necklace?

4. Alternative flours. Because we all know white flour is the silent killer.

5. Cures for voodoo curses. Oh wait, that is what the police on the bayou have to buy after the people they arrest curse them. Think you know what it’s like to live here. Think again my friend, think again.



23 thoughts on “Hippies use the side door please

  1. Never Contrary,
    The more I read you, the more I like you. Even if you like Jesus from South Park.

    We just moved into a new neighbourhood where we can buy “food boxes”, which basically are boxes of fresh produce from local farmers, and we’re stoked!
    Le Hippie Clown

    • I will tell you a not so secret secret Le Hippie Clown, Jesus and I have a long history. You see I am a recovering southern baptist. Years of therapy still to come. I enjoy the teachings of Buddha these days.

      • Never Contrary,
        Jesus, Buddha, Mohamet, it doesn’t really matter… You believe in Le Clown, and in my book, it makes you alright.
        Le Clown

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