No soup for you

It was the second to last day of grad school this summer.

I was told behind the union there was this new salad place.

And it is amazing.

Naturally, I’m in.

We walk around to this hidden entrance. It’s called on the go. My friends warn me that the guy on the end of the salad line is called the salad nazi, like the soup nazi from seinfield. Already I’m scared. There are no signs telling you anything about what prices are, how many toppings you get, what anything is. Nothing.

What is this stuff?

Thankfully my friend told me what size to get and how it all worked. By the time I got to the last guy he had stepped away. I nervously awaited his return where he stared at me, said nothing. I quietly said, no meat, balsamic vinaigrette dressing please.  His face remained stone cold. He set my salad on the bar and glared as though I was not moving fast enough.

What would have happened to me if I had to ask him what the dressing options were? I think he would have thrown my salad at me.

But it was a damn good salad.

4 thoughts on “No soup for you

  1. Remember when we used to go to doc greens all the time? I went there again recently and it wasn’t as good as it used to be. But now I’m craving a salad!

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