You found someone to kiss you, high five!

People make out in public everywhere.

All the time.

And I have a few words for said lovers.

1. Get a room

2. If you are under 18- stop immediately- no one wants to see that and if they do you should run away

3. We get it you are in lust and do not care who knows it. Trust we do not care.

4. In the words of Joe Dirt’s mom – “Is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back?”

5. Did I mention get a room

26 thoughts on “You found someone to kiss you, high five!

  1. Every so often, they have to make this announcement over the loudspeaker at the swim club we belong to…”please remember that this is a family friendly facility, and public displays of affection in the pool will not be tolerated.” Awkward!

  2. I don’t mind people showing affection in public it’s better than hearing someone cuss or seeing their middle finger fly up in rage.. but all the bump & grind, well then yes GET A ROOM!!!

  3. ok…im reflecting on my own feelings rom years ago…

    it is a decade or so from now. You are hosting a birthday party for a princess that used to dress in as a fairy and dance with you at bedtime, You are supervising but giving them space. Then, as you bring out a few bowls of snacks you notice said princess locked in embrace. Odds on… you avert your eyes, walk back inside and say to yourself… For Gods sake….please dont get a room!

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