In other news, the world is ending.

Hello Bloggies!!! I have returned from the dark side. Also known as Texas, except texas isn’t dark at all. It is sunny and warm. So, I have really returned from the land of sunshine and heat.

I am quite sure you would love to here wonderful tales of adventure from out in texas hill country. Tales of horse back riding into the sunset, eating amazing tex-mex cuisine. However, I was in a terribly long, boring conference about statistics at UT. Quite ironic given the questionable state of UT published statistics lately.

But I digress from the real issues.

The end of times are here.

I have witnessed it. In Texas the crickets have taken over the cities in the tens of thousands. My hotel lobby was covered in them. The McDonald’s parking lot was covered in dead crickets. The local radio station was hosting a contest for the best infestation pics. “Please no submissions with less than five hundred crickets, y’all.”

“Hundreds of thousands of the bugs pile up around buildings,” “Customers cannot get inside or outside businesses because crickets are jumping all over them,” – The Bloomberg Press

There is only one explanation.

The end of times are here.

Ok, so not texas, but you get the idea.

Of course there are always bugs running wild in the South. So, I suppose it could just be a normal summer. In which case, false alarm. Go back to frolicking in the rain, and such.

17 thoughts on “In other news, the world is ending.

  1. If you look a little closer, you see the real reason all the crickets (grasshoppers) have come to town. ( Yeah, baby! LOL And while you’re at it, go check my last post to see what Angie found on the back porch…also in a, ahem, compromising position. Love is indeed in the air.

    Everything’s bigger in Texas. I still think you should move here. Just think…you’d have plenty to eat — I hear they’re very high in protein and taste like popcorn.

  2. Bahaha! I went to college at Texas State in San Marcos, 20 miles south of Austin, and this is an annual event. The Coming of the Crickets. Disgusting. They would wiggle into the air ducts and crawl through our vents in the ceiling of our dorms. Talk about creep-tastic. And they reek when they die! My least favorite thing about central Texas!! 🙂

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