Reaching new life goals everyday

I have reached a new level in life. One that I never imagined possible.

That is the level of running after a half naked child down the hallway of a hotel.

I know, I know one hopes and hopes to reach this level, not ever knowing if they will.

Feel free congratulate me next time you see me.


What did I do to achieve such an amazing goal?

1. First, one must make it a goal to let you child run free. We are all meant to run free.

2. Second, one must try to put as many clothes on your child as is possible, there by making them hate the idea of clothes all together.

3. One must order room service, so they can sneak out the door. They are always looking for a chance to escape. Don’t let them fool you.



I will not have my usual nightly access to a computer this week. Have a wonderful week. Talk to you all soon.



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