So that’s how you really feel?

Sometime you just have to get something off your chest. And no I do not mean the two beers you snuck into the movies with you inside your bra.

People seem to love to vent. It helps you let out the emotion you have been holding onto in order to remain professional and polite amongst other people.

So here it is folks, my vent:

1. I am super pissed that I have yet to win the lottery. Who do I have to screw to get a winning lottery ticket? Every time my dad buys a lottery ticket he smiles at the check out girl and says “I would like the winning lottery ticket please.” Obviously this is not working, or he is holding out on me.

2. Why do adults not get nap time in America? Who decided this? Well I am over this. I demand an afternoon nap! What do we want? NAPS! When do we want them? NOW!

3. Parents teaching their kids to hate. I could write a book on this one. No one is born full of hatred and fear about another person. That must be taught. It breaks my heart into a million pieces.

4. Ice cream has calories. What is that about? How am I supposed to justify eating all that Ben and Jerry’s?

5.When are they going to get around to discovering how to send people from place to place like they do in star trek? Beam me up Scotty! I have places to go, people to see. Someone get on this!!

I feel so much better. Don’t you?

41 thoughts on “So that’s how you really feel?

  1. Hey NC. I know this isnt te place for lengthy philosopical debate but…I agree that we arent born wit hate… But i think we are born with a huge propensity to fear. I think that the fear aspect is built into our DNA… fight / flight response…all of that. Thats why hate is so appealing and tempting. It vents the fear. Its horrible and its destructive… but its there none the less.

    I am not at all surprised by hate that comes from fear. I’m totally surprised by the ability to love and trust in the face of fear.

  2. 1. $20 scratch offs. A friend of mine has won multi-million jackpot – TWICE — with these babies. They do add up though, so be ready to “put in.”

    2. Four kids + TV + new DVD + close door = 30-min nap = Happy Mommy.

    3. Haters. Blogging fodder. They do suck though.

    4. Ice. 100% Free. Zero calories. A little bland though.

    5. Beaming would fix our energy crisis as well, so yeah, why is someone not working on that?

      • Really? They can beam there, but not BACK? How about just beam “there,” and then beam “there” again, only make it a different place (uh, the place where it came from). Maybe that will trick the machine into doing right…

  3. I imagine “beaming” people would probably involve a lot of radiation. Aliens don’t have the same problems humans do. Aliens also love bacon according to Stephen King. We were born to the wrong race.

  4. Kids learn by example. It sounds corny, but one of the coolest moments I had last year was, when watching an episode of Glee with my teens, they both (boy and girl!)cheered the scene where Kurt finally gets Blaine. The look of delight on their faces, well, pretty much made my year.

    And YES. Naps. Should be mandatory.

  5. I have naptime – if you want it, you just have to take it! Yep, I am waiting for teleportation too – I hate flying. Someone else will have to go first though…

  6. Ever since my second year of college, I made myself take naps. Still do. I frickin love naps!

    So let’s make it so that Naptime for adults should be enforced. Can you imagine how much happier everyone would be if they got a break to sleep? You would never have to worry about someone spitting into your Big Mac. Or maybe you still have to worry about that.

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