The lies they are telling our kids

I have issues with children’s books and movies.

Yeah, I said it.

They are rife with inaccuracies and terrible characters. Sure the first time you watch a movie you don’t notice that the little cartoons are doing things that are impossible. But, after the 20th time, your whole perspective changes.

Goofy minds the house:

A book about how goofy and his wife switch roles for the day. Not only does goofy live on a farm in a one room hut with a straw roof. He has to cook his food over the stove and does not have running water. Yet, he can plug a fan into the wall.

Thank you for being my friend: 

A book that has no mention of friends.


This movie just gets under my skin. The dad is a terrible mean man. He is nothing, but cruel the entire movie to Dori.

Lilo and Stitch:

The whiney immature teen sister is so shitty that social services is taking her sister away, yes lets show this movie to my child. And why is her sister so short? She only comes up to her knee in height. That is the height of a one year old. Yet she is old enough to roam the town by herself?

The princess and the frog:

Racial stereotypes all over this one, but that isn’t the worst part. The voodoo is. That is a scary voodoo man who gets pulled into hell. Everyone knows you get turned into a snake and made into a voodoo charm when your voodoo goes bad.

Mickey Mouse Club: 

Donald does not wear any pants, unless he is swimming. Why? Secondly, why do they all wear white gloves except the ducks?

I need a date night at the movies with real adult movies. HELP!!!

14 thoughts on “The lies they are telling our kids

  1. The years I have suffered watching the insanity only to have the kids DENY they ever partook in watching or even “liking” Barney. Call a sitter and go get your adult on! I saw (2) great movies recently…Bernie and The Exotic Marigold Hotel (excellent).

  2. My amazing daughter did a social commentary project for her IB program last school year on how Disney has ruined life for all girls. She supported her contention with pictures of Disney reality (evil stepmother & Cinderella) with reality (a photo of my mom doing her toenails for her when she was four). Amazing perspective from a 14-year-old girl.

    • I graduated from IB. How awesome! I dislike many things that children’s books and movies have today, but there have many positives, as well. So, I don’t go as far as say they are ruining life for girls. But I do have a lot of friends that feel that way. It is not about what they watch, but how they interpret what they watch. You must be so proud of your daughter for working through IB. The best decision I ever made in highschool was to do that program.

      • I am proud of her; thanks for that. She is extremely motivated. Her project spoke mostly about the expectations many girls develop from watching the ‘happily ever after’ scenarios; it was really amazing and well thought out.

      • Oh happily ever after. I get it now. Yes I totally agree with her. Have you seen the last twilight movie in the theatre? That ruined a whole generation of kids just from the first time scene. Never been more uncomfortable in a movie theatre in my life.

      • I have not seen the film; I’m two films behind the times. I did read that damn book, though. Twice. I can only imagine… *shudder*

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