It’s closing time and you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

I am in search of a new city.

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I have the following requirements:

1. Good public schools: I currently live in a start with one  of the worst public school system in the country. To make matters worse I am a teacher, so I have higher expectations than most for a school because I know what bad things actually happen at supposed good schools.

2. Blue state/ Blue city: Being gay and not having over 1100 legal rights is expensive and difficult. The time has come to live where I can have some legal standing.

3. Four seasons: Not the hotel. But, four actual real seasons, and gasp perhaps snow.

That is all I want. Problem is can I find it within my price range?


So bloggers what city should I be living in?

48 thoughts on “It’s closing time and you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

  1. Melbourne Australia. I would say Perth, where i am but… our state school system sucks and we dont have snow. Melbourne have a great state school system, snow close by and 4 seasons…sometimes all in one day 🙂

  2. Oak Park, Illinois. The most liberal suburb in America. Former home of Hemingway. Home to lots of beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, including a famous Unitarian Universalist church with a thriving, welcoming congregation. Had a gay couples registry long before anyone even really thought about one. Many friends of Snide Reply live there.

      • What do you want to live in and what is your budget? There are condos, townhouses and single family homes in Oak Park. Now is supposed to be a fabulous time to buy there as the prices are so depressed. They used to be depressing, but not so much now. If you are willing to move farther out from Chicago, there is goodness all around, but for gay couples (you have kids, right?) with kids, I can’t think of a more welcoming place to live. AND, the beach is only an hour away. Even is you just visit, you gotta check out the beach in Chicago.

      • I need some kind of outside space under 200. I could live with 2 bedrooms if it the city was worth it. I have not been to chicago since I was a kid, guess I need to go back and check it out.

  3. Houston. Grew up here, still only 6 miles from from that. We have a huge gay population, even a gay epicenter, and a gay mayor. Where I live, the public school is awesome. In Houston? Not-so-much (unless it’s magnet). I wouldn’t call us blue, and I wouldn’t call us red — we’re probably purple, but we’re an eclectic mix and all get along. Pockets of red that I’d steer clear of (mostly in the county seat of Brazoria County, they don’t like gays and especially not liberals).

    Still cheapest place to live and work in America. Still growing. Still have jobs available. Cheap gas. Cheap (farm grown) food. Downsides: everything’s a long way from anything (driving), it’s hotter than Hades (I hear the Devil summers here), and the scenery ain’t so nice (it’s really flat here).

    It’d be an easy move. We already have many people from NO (after Ike) who now call us home.

    • My best friend would agree with you as she is there. But Houston is too big for me and not blue enough to have to be in such a red state. However, I do think Houston is a kick ass city. I love visiting.

  4. Edmonton Alberta. The only problem is winter sucks, but the summers are amazing. The sun set last night was 10:30. The schools are fantastic, the gay community is vibrant and our premier supports and attends the gay community events. People have rights in Canada so it isn’t a matter of gay rights etc,, and we have a social system that will knock your socks off. An added bonus is our Canadian health care.

  5. How about my new hometown (moving soon) New Orleans..for many reasons but as far as education, they have the spotlight on their education system now and is getting massive funding, it’s not an expensive city, gay friendly, rich in culture, etc, etc…..

  6. Sorry, hate to follow the others… but they are totally right. You could check out Melbourne or Sydney in Australia. I believe they check off your list as mentioned above. On top of it all, it would be a totally new experience for you. Not quite sure about Melbourne on this, but I do know that Sydney has a very large gay community however, the cost of living is pretty pricey there… unlike Melbourne. Likewise, I’m not too sure about the visa entries into Aus, but I can’t imagine it being too hard for someone from the States who has a stable profession. They both have a very strong and stable education system in those cities.
    Maybe you could make them your next overseas holiday destination with your partner. Good luck!

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