What Remains

I am attempting to grow a garden. At a wonderful request by Shannon I am going to fill you in with the dramatic tale of what has been happening to my garden. For this story to make any sense you must know where it all began Part One and Part Two.

It was a wonderful time my garden was growing beautifully. Veggies were full of life. And then I went on vacation for a couple of days. It was as though they were just waiting for me to leave. Watching my every move. Yes that is correct, the  thug cats in my neighborhood attacked my garden You see I have thug cats in my neighborhood. They run the streets. Not even the pitbulls have survived in the neighborhood, but they survive. I would not go out after dark if I were you. They will cut you. They lay on my car in the morning just daring me to say something to them.

They ate out almost the entire garden. I should have seen it coming. Set up traps while I was gone.

What remains

25 thoughts on “What Remains

  1. I would plant some nasty stuff, set traps and dare the thug cats to return..
    sorry about the garden:-(

  2. All I see is naked dirt. Plug some more plants in there, girl! I just pulled tomatoes and broccoli — a first to harvest together — and I have been on majorly lazy gardening BUM. If I can do it…

    Be sure to pull out any cat poo first, provided they’ve been using it as their litter box. I’m guessing they have, thugs. I have a friend who gets free lion poo from the zoo and plants it around her garden area to keep out any riff-raff (cats, coons, possum, skunk).

    “Hey Vinny! We bettah get outta here! Check out this pile — that must be some big ass cat.”

  3. Why would cats want to eat a garden? Are you sure it wasn’t birds or squirrels? Birds and squirrels will be scared away by a fluttering pie tin or cd. Or even a rubber snake. Just hang em up in the wind nearby…. Also, instead of traps, try putting chicken wire around your garden since it’s so small. Thugs cats probably won’t be fooled by traps 😦

  4. Oh my. My mom has just started a garden and we have three cats. They were all using it as a litter box, but then she put some Marigolds in it and two of them left it alone. We still have one, she’s a bit on the heavy side and we marches to the beat of her very unique drum. She doesn’t use as a litter box, she just sits on everything. We even put a screen to cover it up and she bent the screen. I don’t know how you fight that kind of nonsense. I love my cats though. My life would be terribly boring without them, lol.

  5. I like your garden posts. I think it’s brilliant that you thought of using a pallet. I am attempting to grow too.. a tiny balcony garden. Then white flies, and spotted leaf and now my personal thug blue jay who I LOVE but still– who picked off my strawberry buds, nibbled my sunflower leaves and buried/unburied peanuts in EVERY bit of exposed soil! I think he thought my plants were offerings to him. Maybe he was trying to be polite?? Sorry to hear about the bad luck. Don’t give up!!

  6. hmmm….I think its time for the professionals. Call inCSI (Hot Southern Unit). But…if this keeps happening….you know its gonna get harder and harder to keep pinning it on the cats…

    Just make sure you got a good alibi and a good lawyer.

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